20 Liberal Powerhouses Retiring: Explore Why and Find Out If Your Rep One of Them


Yet another Democratic representative is retiring at the end of this congress. Is anyone else feeling like the instigators that incite all of the rioting and violence are bailing? While it may seem like a relief these belly crawlers are slithering back under the rocks they emerged from it’s starting to look a little suspicious at this particular juncture. Alan Lowenthal, a five-term Representative of California, is set to retire at the end of 2022.

Lowenthal will surrender after 20 years in municipal and state government and 10 years in the House of Representatives while 12 House Republicans are retiring or seeking another office next year. While announcing his retirement, 80-year-old Lowenthal explained “It is time to pass the baton. It is time to rest and surround myself with the benefits of a life well-lived and earned honorably in the service of my fellow citizens,”

Lowenthal served 6 years when he was elected to the city council back in 1992. The Democrat from Long Beach, California then spent 6 more years while representing Long Beach in the California State Assembly and another 6 in the state senate just before winning the election to Congress in 2012.

Boy, did anybody else catch that 6 6 6…

“Almost 30 years ago to the day, I decided to run for the Long Beach City Council because I felt that my council member didn’t listen to me or my neighbors. Every day since, over three decades of public service, I have recommitted myself to listening to you, to serving your interests, and doing my best for you.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has referred to Lowenthal as, protecting our planet and lifting his beloved southern California community. Also claiming that Lowenthal has been a preeminent champion for the environment, turning Long Beach into the busiest and most pristine in the world while providing environmental protection and immense amounts of economic growth I think we’ve all had our fill of what Nancy has to say. Given the fact that if she’s not eating ice cream out of 24,000 refrigerators telling us to stay home and tank our economy, she’s pushing the agenda of the far far left. Frankly, I think we could all use a break from her, and guess what? She’s ready to jump ship as well.

The question is why are all these fellow Americans evacuating the seats we once thought would just grow to their backsides due to the fact they sat there so long. Lowenthal won in 2020 by a staggering 26 points.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spotlight Lowenthal’s exit as the latest sign of the difficult political environment. However, as one of the constitutional believing, gun-toting, conservative Americans, we look forward to seeing some red, pink, purple, shoot anything but, blue 22!

“Democrats have a full-blown retirement crisis on their hands because voters are rejecting their agenda of higher prices, higher crime, and open borders,” the House GOP reelection arm said in a statement.

Wait, what? We thought they killed enough of the elderly population off with Covid19? They fought hard for the higher prices and skyrocketing crime rate! If they don’t feel like they lightened the load enough, we better buckle up. We fear 2020 and 2021 are the proverbial tip of the iceberg…

Shaking in your boots yet? We are.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, the idea they’ve all had a hand in running our great nation into the ground. All went in with humble modest homes and bank accounts, all to become million and sometimes even billionaires off the backs of the American people. Some of us probably still remember hearing our grandparents say things like those dudes in congress should only be allowed so many terms.

As a kid, I didn’t understand it, as an adult, I ask myself why don’t more people nowadays draw this same conclusion.