STOP THE STEAL: President Trump Releases Findings From Pima County AZ

(Tea Party 247) – President Donald has put out a statement that reveals brand new “damning and determinative” information discovered in Pima County, Arizona. A new report from the Gateway Pundit reported recently on a statement where Trump teased the release of this information. These new findings from the Pima County mail-in ballot analysis show […]

Doctor Drops Bombshell: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines — Fauci Is The Epitome Of Evil.”

(Tea Party 247) – COVID-19 frontline doctor from Houston, Dr. Stella Immanuel, thinks that the whole “pandemic” is nothing more than a “Trojan Horse” for vaccines that have been designed by Bill Gates to depopulate the earth. According to a recent report from the Gateway Pundit, Dr. Stella ended up going viral after speaking the […]

JUST IN: CDC Shares Easy Ways You Can Divide Unvaccinated Family Members

(Tea Party 247) – This holiday season Americans have so much to be thankful for. Where would we be without the steadfast and unwavering guidance of our benevolent COVID overlords Dr. Fauci and the CDC? They have been keeping us safe from COVID for almost two years now and we should be singing their praises. […]

Banned Video! Doctor Shocked: Blood Tests Before & After Covid Jab Prove Shot OBLITERATES Immune System

(Tea Party 247) – New reports from the folks over at Infowars have revealed that an independent study was conducted by a physician from Illinois that seems to show how the coronavirus vaccine suppresses the body’s adaptive immune system, which leaves those that take the jab far more vulnerable to illness. This theory, put together […]

Dems Reveal BIG CLUE: Operatives Manufactured Votes From Low Income Voters To Steal Battleground States

(Tea Party 247) – Despite the fact that President Trump won more votes than any sitting president in US history and increased his vote total by 12 million in 2020 over 2016, Joe Biden now sits in the White House. There are many Americans who actually did vote for Biden and many of them actually […]

Insider Source: 60% Of TSA Employees Refusing COVID Injection

(Tea Party 247) – Airline workers have made it abundantly clear that they are not going to be coerced into taking the experiential COVID-19 shots and it’s us who need them, not the other way around. They’ve been causing massive waves within the airline industry which will soon impact all of us if thousands of […]

Military Purge: Biden Admin Threatens Navy SEALs

(Tea Party 247) – There is currently a growing number of U.S. Navy SEALs who are seeking religious exemptions for the current COVID-19 vaccine mandate put out by the Defense Department. These individuals are finding themselves being threatened and in a few cases actually harassed into caving in and getting the shots. According to a […]

Here We Go => 138 Legislators From 38 States Sign “New Declaration Of Independence”

(Tea Party 247) – Things are definitely heating up here in the United States. A new report from the Gateway Pundit has revealed that Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers has drafted a “New Declaration of Independence,” which makes the call for a nationwide full forensic audit and decertification of electors where appropriate, along with a […]

RULES FOR THEE: Joe Biden Ignores Mask Mandate (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – You’d think if the COVID pandemic was really a true pandemic that all lawmakers would be taking it seriously across the board, especially the ones who make up all the rules for supposed “mitigation efforts.” You’d be wrong, however. From the beginning, Democrats have been skirting the very COVID rules and […]

Is It A Bluff? Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A…

(Tea Party 247) – A new question has started to pop up in the minds of Americans all across the country concerning the Sept. 9 announcement from Joe Biden of a vaccine mandate for private companies that have staff of 100 or more employees. Does this mandate actually exist or is it just a bluff […]

Bombshell Report: Congressmen, Families, Staffers Received Successful Ivermectin, Preventative Covid Care — Never Told Public!

(Tea Party 247) – A new bombshell report from Infowars has revealed that a medical doctor has come out and admitted that hundreds of congressional lawmakers, their family members, and staffers have been given preventative COVID-19 care, which included a regimen of the controversial ivermectin. The real kicker here is that these individuals kept their […]

Furious Judge Slaps Warden With Contempt, Says Civil Rights Of Jan 6 Detainees Are Being Violated

(Tea Party 247) – According to new reports published by BizPacReview, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth is now holding D.C. Jail Warden Wanda Patten, along with D.C. Department of Corrections Director Quincy Booth, in contempt of court. Lamberth is accusing the two of them of “inexcusable” delays in providing medical treatment to a prisoner […]


(Tea Party 247) – While the US military is shoving experimental COVID-19 vaccines down the throats of its service members, the real risk is suicide. Far more US Army active-duty service members have died from suicide than from the supposedly dangerous and deadly COVID-19 virus yet the greater prevention measures are being focused on the […]

Chicago Art Museum Fires Unpaid Volunteers For Being Too White

(Tea Party 247) – A prestigious art museum located in the gun crime capital of the U.S., Chicago, has booted hundreds of its unpaid volunteers and has replaced them with paid workers. Want to take a stab at the reason why? According to Infowars, it’s because they were too white. You can’t make this stuff […]

NBA Player: Blood Clots From COVID-19 Vaccine Ended My Season

(Tea Party 247) – While the controversy rages over NBA superstar Kyrie Irving’s refusal to take the COVID jab, a former player for the professional basketball league says his season last year ended after he developed blood clots which he says were caused by the coronavirus vaccine. According to WND, Brandon Goodwin, who played point […]

Hilarious! Pfizer Employee Runs For Dear Life After Being Confronted

(Tea Party 247) – The folks over at Project Veritas have released another new video and this one isn’t just a bombshell revelation of what’s happening with Pfizer and the coronavirus vaccine, it’s absolutely one of the funniest videos out on the Internet right now. Once you catch a look at it, you’ll understand why. […]

BREAKING: Ashli Babbitt Shooting Internal Police Docs Reveal ‘No Good Reason For Shooting’

(Tea Party 247) – Some internal police documents concerning the murder of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police officer during the riots that happened on January 6 at the Capitol Building reveals that there was no real reason for this woman to be killed. Keep in mind, the acts of vandalism that […]

‘Kyrie Just Sacrificed More Than Kaepernick’: NBA Star Benched For Refusing Mandatory Vaccine Becomes Symbol

(Tea Party 247) – The rabid left has been pushing the COVID narrative hard since the beginning but it’s never been about the virus; it’s always been about the vaccine. Now that the experimental vaccines have been made available to everyone over the age of 12 in the US, you’d think we’d see an improvement […]

Imprisoned Marine Thrown In Brig For Criticizing Biden Withdrawal Learns Fate

(Tea Party 247) – Marine officer Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller found himself in hot water when he spoke truthfully about the Biden regime’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 service men and women dead and thousands of Americans stranded in the country. Scheller has been punished for speaking out on social media against top military […]

ALERT: Feds Charge Former Dem Staffer For Election Fraud Scheme

(Tea Party 247) – According to a new report from BizPacReview, federal prosecutors have now charged an ex-staffer in a Philadelphia councilman’s office with election fraud. This news isn’t going to surprise anyone who has been paying attention to what has been going on in this country ever since the 2020 presidential election. Our last […]

GOP Congressman Drops Brutal Dose Of Reality On Hunter Biden

(Tea Party 247) – When are Americans going to wake up and realize that we are being played? The entire COVID-19 pandemic has been a scam and an exercise in mass obedience and submission for the elites. Now, the Biden regime wants to monitor our spending. America is becoming less and less free every day […]

WOW: City Bans Unvaccinated From Getting Married!

(Tea Party 247) – All around the world, we’ve witnessed folks working in government completely freak out over the coronavirus pandemic, creating all kinds of wild and crazy vaccination requirements and other measures in order for the average, everyday citizen to live their lives. According to a report from WND, the newest agenda point to […]

REVOLT: Southwest Airlines “Sickout” Protest Spreads To Amtrak

(Tea Party 247) – A new report from the folks over at Infowars says that after announcing that almost all of its 18,000 employees will have to be “fully vaccinated” by November 22, Amtrak incurred what they called a “sickout” very similar to the one that Southwest Airlines is currently facing. Employees for Amtrak, who […]

Don’t Freak Out: Media Says Double-Vaxxed Catching Covid Is A Good Thing

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media has been doing nothing but shifting the narrative around when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine in order to suit whatever is happening with it at the moment and to twist things to their advantage in order to provide some help to their Democratic Party overlords in continuing […]

Domestic Terrorist? Parent Arrested For Speaking Out Against Transgender Child Rapist

(Tea Party 247) – Brand new reports have started to flood in revealing the truth of what really happened behind viral video footage that shows a parent from Loudon County, Virginia being arrested while at a school board meeting. According to the folks at Infowars, right after Scott Smith was arrested at a school board […]

Joe Rogan Schools CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Over COVID Shots For Children

(Tea Party 247) – The top rated podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, who also is a martial artist and MMA commentator, took an opportunity on Wednesday to explain to CNN health correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta why so many parents of children believe that getting their kids vaccinated for COVID poses a much larger risk […]

Is The Biden Admin Starving Our Kids?

(Tea Party 247) – There have been many failures and debacles during the last 10 months of the Joe Biden administration. We’ve witnessed the complete implosion of Afghanistan thanks to the troop withdrawal disaster that left 13 American service members dead. There’s the border crisis too, which is still ongoing that this administration has done […]

JUST IN: American Pilots REBEL Against Vaccine Mandate

(Tea Party 247) – Whoever would have thought that the fighters on the frontlines of the battle against the Biden regime’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates would be the nation’s airline pilots? Certainly no one could have predicted it yet hundreds of American airline pilots and airline workers are rising to the occasion. Despite the media’s refusal […]

Georgia Election Workers Fired Over Shredded Voter-Registration Applications

(Tea Party 247) – We all know the 2020 presidential election was stolen. It was not a fair election. While there may never be anything done to correct it, it certainly has shed light on election fraud and incompetence in certain parts of the US and the need for change. Georgia is one of those […]

MUST-SEE: Health Care Workers Record Themselves Being Booted For Vaccine Noncompliance

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID charade is still raging here in America as thousands of healthcare workers find themselves being terminated for not complying with the Biden regime’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Biden and his administration are taking unprecedented steps to ensure businesses are forcing the jabs on their employees, especially healthcare facilities. Biden announced […]