$86 Million Down the Drain as Biden Tries to Achieve “Equity”

“Equity” is a word that’s being thrown around a lot since the start of the Biden administration. And it appears that President Joe Biden is content to spend a lot of money in order to achieve it.

The problem is, when does “equity” stop being equitable?

The administration has just announced a new program that is costing $86 million. It will deliver free masks to Americans in low-income communities around the country.

Now…a year after the pandemic has started. Now…when the COVID cases are dropping and most people are anticipated to be vaccinated by mid to late summer.

According to Jeff Zients, the Coronavirus Response Coordinator, low-income Americans still lack affordable access to masks.

Zients admits that there are masks widely available – and that they’re available in different shapes and sizes.

The federal government is already helping low-income families. They help by providing Medicare, Section 8 Housing, WIC, and Welfare. If people needed masks, they’d be able to buy them. Reusable masks can be purchased anywhere for under $5. They’re hardly a commodity that is expensive or difficult to find.

It may be that low-income families don’t want to wear masks. Or, that they see the value in spending that money on something they deem more important – like cigarettes, beer, or even drugs.

More than 25 million masks will be sent to community health centers, soup kitchens, and food pantries. It’s to encourage more people to wear masks and stop the spread of the pandemic.

This is a significant waste of federal aid.

While some people will take masks, others won’t. It is likely that many masks will stay in boxes and get pushed into the storage closets of community centers.

And those who take masks may not even wear them. After all, people have access to masks. They’re being offered for free when walking into Walmart and other stores around the country.

During the press conference that Zients spoke at, he talked about how masks are widely available. Then, in the next breath, he said that the policy makes sense because it will allow people to get masks who are not able to find them.

Masks are everywhere. And many are under $5. There’s really not a problem.

At this point in time, if people want to wear a mask, they’ll wear one. They’ll have invested in one. After all, we’re one year into the pandemic at this point.

Zients wants to promote the program as Biden keeping his promise to focus on “racial equity.” Is it, though? Or is it a big waste of money?

Biden and the rest of his administration want to keep talking about race and equity hand in hand. The reality is that there are white people in low-income communities, too. Not everyone has been able to achieve this white privilege that is so commonly discussed.

So, are the masks being distributed to community centers and soup kitchens strictly for people of color? If so, then the country has chosen to make a very racist and bold move.

Most likely, the masks are for everyone. However, the program isn’t focused on racial equity. It’s focused solely on equity so that those in low-income communities have access to everything that those in higher-income communities have.

There’s one important question, though: When does it end?

At some point, low-income families cannot be given everything for free. They’re given money to buy formula for their kids. They’re given free healthcare. They’re given nice housing at a fraction of the cost that they should afford. And, they’re given Welfare checks to help them survive.

Why can’t these people work? What is their incentive to work?

Biden has proven that he doesn’t know the meaning of equity. The program should be deemed as one that enables. He’s wasting $86 million to enable low-income communities in yet another aspect of their lives. What he doesn’t realize is that if people wanted to wear a mask by now, they would have already made it happen.