A Convicted Terrorist is on the Board of BLM


The Black Lives Matter group is nothing more than a terrorist organization hired to fake protests and to create civil unrest around the country. Their goal is to work with the Democratic Party to smear President Trump and all other Republicans.

There is nothing that the liberals will not do to get votes to gain power within the United States. They are attempting to cheat in several ways which include mail fraud and political lying about every Republican. In a last-ditch effort, the Democrats are teaming up with the BLM group who has links to a known convicted terrorist.

Bill Clinton decided when he was president to commute a sentence of a convicted terrorist named Susan Rosenberg. The Democrats have long had good relations with American hating groups such as Rosenberg and the BLM domestic terror group. BLM is using the services of Rosenberg to manage their charity to help them raise funds for their terrorist activities.

Bill Clinton freed the murderer on his last day in the office so she could join forces with the liberals to overthrow the American system.

Rosenberg is identified as the vice-chair of the Thousand Currents charity. Her name appeared on the website which has since been removed once the discovery was made by Capital Research Center. The BLM and the Democrats want to hide their connections to terrorist people, so their reputation is not marred. But the discovery has already been made. Rosenberg is involved in a communist terrorist group that bombed locations in New York and Washington DC during the 1980s.

She helped carry out an attack on Americans which ended up getting her face plastered all over the FBI’s Most Wanted List. She was arrested years ago while she was hauling 740 pounds of explosives and a sub-machine gun. Her intent was to kill as many people as she could.

This is the woman that the BLM is having to raise money for their cause. They are a domestic terror group using the services of known terrorists to help destroy the American landscape.

It has been reported that “Rosenberg was also identified as a member of the Thousand Currents board of directors in the charity’s Form 990s submitted to the IRS for its 2016, 2017 and 2018 fiscal years, indicating that the former terrorist has been involved with the group for the entirety of its fiscal sponsorship arrangement with Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, which began in 2016.” She has been with the BLM group since its inception in 2016.

The cry of the BLM group falls on deaf ears as their chanted words do not match up with their actions. They are guilty of killing African Americans as they parade around destroying and looting everything they can get their hands on. It has also been discovered that over 83 percent of the money taken in by the BLM charity is used for personal use while only six percent is being used to support the BLM movement.

Already they have set themselves up a little nest egg to live on at the expense of other people. They have no real interest in change. They only want power and money like the Democrats are after.

Kailee Scales is the BLM Global Network Managing Director and she stated that DCNF totals “do not reflect, for example, the kind support for chapters and fundraising directed to chapters and programmatic assistance to chapters, that would not show up as direct grants on the audited financials.”

She is trying to hide the truth of why such a low percentage is being paid to BLM chapters around the country. She acts like they receive funds from other sources on the local level.

Nearly $12.5 million has been raised in recent weeks. Which means very little money is being paid out to local chapters. Most of the money is ending up in the pockets of greedy self-paid executives bent on terrorizing people while getting rich in the process. They do not care about the people of the country.

They only care about what they can get out of things for themselves.