A House Divided? Dr. Biden Can’t Possibly Be Okay with Biden’s Plan of 1-Day a Week School

Joe Biden’s talking about having kids in school at least one day a week by the 100th day of his presidency.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Jill Biden has talked incessantly about the importance of getting kids back into school

It only makes sense. Biden is making a political move while Dr. Biden sticks to her roots as an educator.

It’s a house divided. There’s no way that Dr. Jill Biden is standing behind her husband on this issue.

According to a press conference held by Jen Psaki, President Biden’s goal for re-opening schools is that more than 50% of the schools will be teaching at least one day a week in the classroom by the 100th day.

This means that Biden has over three months from inauguration day to get at least half of the schools opened around the country to the point that they’re inviting kids into the classroom for at least one day.

What does he think can be accomplished in a single day in the classroom? If kids are spending four days out, that one day will be more about seeing their friends. It will be mayhem.

Kids need hands-on learning instruction. What’s being done on video is not sufficient. Kids don’t get the chance to work in teams. They don’t get a chance to work on projects. They also don’t get a chance to stand in front of the class and make presentations.

There are countless school districts all over the U.S. where schools are open. Kids are learning inside the classrooms. And guess what? The kids are fine. While there is the occasional positive case of COVID, there aren’t outbreaks forming at the K-12 level.


The CDC has said that children under the age of 18 have a low infection rate.

If we’re supposed to listen to the CDC about wearing masks and social distancing, we have to listen to them on this, too.

The reality is that opening schools should be simple. Open them up. Allow the kids to learn.

The problem is that there are too many liberal school districts that want to make it into a political issue. They’re keeping the schools closed to get more federal funding dollars. They’re keeping the schools closed to show how low-income communities can’t get their kids educated in a virtual setting.

Back in October, Dr. Jill Biden made the promise that, if elected, Joe Biden would ensure the schools have “everything they need to go back safely.” We’re waiting. With trillions of dollars passed in COVID bills, surely the schools have what they need at this point.

Since President Biden is so big on ruling by executive order, he could have all the schools re-opened by now – and most certainly for more than one day a week.

However, he doesn’t want to do anything that could help the economy.

Why wait for 100 days? You didn’t wait 100 days to cut off the pipeline. You didn’t wait 100 days to stop construction on the wall.

It’s convenient. Biden will do what he wants.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jill Biden continues to champion that it’s important to get kids back into school. She understands that the learning dynamic is different in a classroom versus via a virtual conference. She also knows that kids in low-income families are more likely to be safe and well-fed when the schools are open.

She must be going crazy with the way her husband is dealing with things now. She’s likely yelling at him as soon as the two of them are alone every night. It’s no wonder, too. When an educator’s husband is allowing schools to stay closed, it’s frustrating.

Dr. Jill Biden promised that Biden’s leadership was worth following.

We’re waiting. Desperately. Open the schools. One day a week in the classroom isn’t good enough, and it seems everyone knows it except for Joe.