A Young Victim of a College Sex Trafficking Ring Wasn’t a Victim at All…She Was the Recruiter

The blame game. Pin the donkey’s tail on someone else. A good 75% of inmates will tell you they were framed, even though a good 70% of those in all likelihood deserve their current accommodations.

In a current case involving sex trafficking, the tail just got pinned on the donkey who’s been doing the blaming. Isabella Pollok, a former student at Sarah Lawrence College was just charged for her participation in a racketeering conspiracy, extortion conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, and for lending a hand in laundering money.

The case was unsealed by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that in January for the purpose of issuing indictments against Pollok.

She has been charged for being in cahoots with the father of another student. Just last year Lawrence Ray was charged with psychologically, physically, and sexually abusing young girls, some of whom were his daughter’s classmates. Until now, Pollock had not been a suspect.

For a decade, according to the indictment, Ray and Pollok “attempted to gain the trust of the Victims before psychologically manipulating and controlling them for the success and furtherance of the group’s ideology and the financial gain of its members.”

In 2010, as weird as this sounds, Ray moved in with his daughter and her roommates where they were residing in on-campus housing. Some of the roommates had been having personal problems so as a father figure he offered them therapy sessions.

Ray told the girls he could fix their psychological issues but only if they were willing to confide in him, which, unfortunately, some chose to do.

As things turn out, Pollok had been recruited by Ray to talk nicely about him and gain the student’s trust. Once they agreed to private therapy sessions, he would then work on alienating them from their families. Once accomplished, he would then manipulated them into becoming prostitutes for his own financial gain.

Gaining their trust led the girls to confessions that Ray could then use against them. He threatened public embarrassment and worse. A few even admitted to minor crimes they had gotten away with that surely their parents wouldn’t want to learn about.

Manhattan US attorney, Geoffrey Berman said, “College is supposed to be a time of self-discovery and new-found independence, but as alleged, Lawrence Ray exploited that vulnerable time in his victims’ lives through a course of conduct that shocks the conscience.”

In addition to his mountain of other charges, Ray is facing extortion, sex trafficking, forced labor trafficking, and tax evasion.

Pollok was originally thought to be just another one of Rays’ victims. She was depicted as a young naive student who had been vulnerable. But when she decided to defend him in court, sirens went off everywhere and she was more closely investigated.

A spokeswoman for Sarah Lawrence College, Patricia Pasquale, bore witness to Ray being a former student’s father, and that he had no right to be living on campus. “The charges contained in the indictment are serious, wide-ranging, disturbing, and upsetting. As always the safety and well-being of our students and alumni is a priority for the College,” she said.

Ray’s supposed innocent daughter, at least as of now, is not facing any charges. Pollock and Ray on the other hand are about to get tossed under the jail for a very long time, if not life at least for him, and may they both rot in hell.

It’s disturbing to realize how all of this transpired right under the noses of campus officials, as well as other students. It sort of makes one wonder what might be going on undetected elsewhere.