Abbott Pushes to Bring Home Jobs from Foreign Soil

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By stock_photo_world/

Texas is one of the states making the difference in the fight against Joe Biden. The president’s goal is to force America to become dependent on other nations for prosperity. The outsourcing of supply chains has pushed America to the brink of disaster. But Governor Greg Abbott is taking the approach of opening Texas to become the epicenter of semiconductor development and production, so the country no longer has to depend on unreliable supply chains.

Essential manufacturers rely on semiconductor manufacturing to keep making the products Americans need to operate. Biden has seen to it outsource these vital pieces of technology to countries that have ulterior motives against the United States. One misstep in communication or misspoken words could lead to a shipment being denied or held up, putting America in a difficult position in some areas of industry.

The day Abbott spoke out about the inconsistencies of Biden’s administration was the day he revealed the sad mistakes that to push for a supply chain ideology in business. The supply chain idea works well when the receiving country is in charge of running. But to depend on international help puts the country in danger of being ganged upon.

The pandemic took the blinders off and showed America’s vulnerability to nations like China that control the vast majority of supply chain merchandise. If they do not like what another country is doing, all they have to do is withhold the supplies, and the receiving nation falls into a world of hurt.

Governor Abbott stated that “That is exactly why Texas actually is leading the way, becoming the home for semiconductors that go into everything that people use. It’s not just your iPhone or your laptop or whatever the case may be. It’s also in all of these vehicles where you have manufacturing going on.” He has revealed that the medical industry relies heavily on supply chains from other countries. And that should not be the case in a time of emergency such as the 2020 pandemic.

The essentials that America needs to operate need to be made at home and not out on the international market. The United States is a nation that can survive on its own without the aid of other nations.

But Joe Biden is content with clogging up the system for his political aspirations. His methods of destruction have caused a massive shortage of semiconductors around the world. Companies have had to stop relying on Biden and the supply chain setup and seek answers and parts from local manufacturers.

One such company that is taking the fight head-on is Samsung. The Daily Wire reported that the company is investing in a $17 billion factory in Taylor, Texas, because Abbott has opened Texas up and refuses to let the nasty liberals shut it all down.

The governor pointed out that these companies are moving to Texas from abroad because they realize that Texas is the one place on the earth where they can make their parts and move them without worrying about being shut down or locked up at home because of a liberal pandemic.

The growth in Texas because of the way Abbott has handled the state during the pandemic has paved the way for the world to move to the state. People are moving out of the liberal-run states and coming to an area where freedom is still found. Joe Biden still needs to learn that lesson. Socialism does not work, or else all the communist countries would not be losing their people to the United States.

Kathy Warden is the CEO of Northrop Grumman. She noted that “When I think about the challenges that we all might face going into next year, the labor shortages that we’re seeing are suddenly one that’s top of mind. The main reason why there is a labor shortage is that Joe Biden has set out to put people on welfare and make it, so they never get off. We have seen an increase in demand for the kinds of skills that we need to support our work at the same time that we’ve seen labor participation rates go down.”