Fighting Continues Within Democratic Party Over Bills That Each Side Wants To Impose on America


Democrats all over the country are in trouble. They have secret agendas that they need to get passed to claim that they have done what they set out to do before the midterm elections arrive. Their initial hopes were to see the Build Back Better bill passed so their dreams would come true. But there was so much internal fighting that no one could agree on what the bill should include.

The Democrats do not want to compromise and work with others as a team. They are content to continue to fight for their selfish ways at all costs. They were more concerned with mask mandates and forcing kids to use the opposite bathrooms. That is the main reason why they have accomplished nothing of significance for the country two years later.

Their latest attempt at working on what is being called the China competitiveness bill is destined to flop as well. Bernie Sanders has stuck his neck out and stated that he would not support anything until he gets what he wants. Once again, the selfish greed of one Democrat is holding up legislation.

Sanders wants Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to force two votes on issues concerning Sanders. Sanders wants a vote to remove $10 billion in funding for a NASA project contracted out to Jeff Bezo’s company called Blue Origin. He also wanted to see a vote happen on microchip companies being made to pay back some of the money given to them to help them produce more products.

Bernie Sanders may seem like he has the country’s best interests in mind when he is making these demands, but he is playing hardball to get what he wants to claim political victory in the new election year. Chuck Schumer played right into the man’s hand and gave Sanders precisely what he wanted.

The desperate Democrats have a huge need to feel powerful. And if just one of them can get someone else to act on their behalf, they have accomplished their goal. Sanders was pretty direct when he made his demands. He stated, “We are fighting very hard, and I insist that we have two votes on those two amendments. We would like it today. We would like it yesterday.” The impatient man was not willing to wait. Like a toddler, he wanted things right away and was unwilling to wait patiently.

Sanders also blasted away by stating, “Do we need to expand the enormously important microchip industry in this country so that we become less dependent on foreign nations? The answer is, yes. But we can accomplish that goal without throwing huge sums of money at these companies with zero, no protections for the taxpayer… If Mr. Bezos wants to go to the Moon, let him use his own money, not the taxpayers’.”

Secretly, socialist Sanders questioned the decision to let American companies build their materials for products. He wanted to keep America tied to the east so he could continue to create a need within America. His actions are why so many liberals are set to lose their seats in the House later in the year.

The bill Schumer wants to send to the president has a long road ahead. There will be plenty of time for the liberals to fight and holler at each other in a sick attempt to get what they want.

The Democrats under the frail leadership of Joe Biden are fractured. One elite will not work with another because they are unwilling to share power. They want it all for themselves.

The Democrats will be served a piece of humble pie in the upcoming election. People do not forget how they were treated at the hands of the liberals. The vulnerable Democrats are the ones going to suffer for the greed of their superiors. But in the grand scheme of things, one Democrat is not n going to care what happens to another of their party because they are lovers of themselves.