Against Communism? Why Raphael Warnock Can’t Win the Senate Seat in Georgia

It’s funny how it’s the Democrats that are constantly arguing about the division of church and state – and then want to elect a Senator who is a senior pastor at a Baptist church.

Reverend Raphael Warnock isn’t just a man of God, though. He’s also a man that has been known to use racially charged language during his sermons. His writings also express more than a few Marxist views.

The Georgia Senate race is important. There’s a Senate seat up for grabs in January that could tilt the Senate in one direction or another. It’s between Warnock and current sitting Republican Senator, Kelly Loeffler.

If Loeffler wins, it could ensure that the GOP maintains the majority.

If Warnock wins, though, it’s not just about the Democrats gaining the majority. It’s also about allowing a Senator into Congress who has a leaning toward communism.

There have been several of Warnock’s writings that have expressed an interest in Marxism – a philosophy based on “Communist Manifesto,” written by Karl Marx.

China and the Soviet Union have been known to pull tips from the Communist Manifesto. The last thing we want is a Senator who feels pulled toward the likes of these countries.

Many worry that the Democratic Party is already leaning dangerously close to socialism – and communism is just a jump and a hop from there. If Warnock were to join the ranks with other progressives, it could mean a stronger pull toward a country we won’t recognize by the time they’re done with it.

If we’re looking to bring the country back together, electing Warnock would be one of the worst ideas. Sure, Black Lives Matter organizations are all for him. However, everything he preaches about and everything he writes about is divisive.

Warnock has praised Marxism throughout his book, “The Divided Mind of the Black Church: Theology, Piety, and Public Witness.” Warnock believes that Marxism is the way to “teach the black church.”

Do we need someone who has been described as “radical” entering Congress? It’s bad enough that we are already dealing with The Squad – and perhaps they’ll make room for Warnock to become one of them. With such questions looming during the election, it begs the question of whether Warnock will renounce both socialism and Marxism.

During a recent debate, Warnock was asked this point-blank. The Baptist pastor refused to renounce either. This is concerning – we’re about to hold an election where it’s entirely possible for a man to enter Congress who supports socialism and communism.

Further, Warnock has referred to Dr. James Cone as his mentor. This “mentor” has defended Marxism on numerous occasions and used anti-white language. Cone has gone as far as calling for the “total reconstruction of society along the lines of democratic socialism” in his book, “My Soul Looks Back.” Oh, and Dr. Cone also believes that there will be no peace in the country until “white people begin to hate their whiteness” and begin to question “How can we become black?”

Aren’t we supposed to be eliminating racism? While white supremacy may exist, we are now stumbling onto another polarity – black supremacy. It seems as though both Dr. Cone and Warnock himself are not looking to make peace between black and white communities but to simply reverse the poles.

We’re about to have an election where there is a man who not only wants to fight for Marxism but who also believes that white people across the country need to hate their whiteness until they get onto their needs and beg to be black. This is what we want for our country? Every single voter in Georgia needs to be cautious about what they do at the ballots.

The vote between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock isn’t about white versus black, female versus male, or even Republican versus Democrat. It’s a vote to keep the United States as a united front versus allowing the progressives to win and change everything that we stand for.