America Can’t Forget That Harris Doesn’t Like Biden

It was only a few short months ago that Kamala Harris was spitting hate in Joe Biden’s direction. Suddenly, we’re supposed to forget all of that and be okay with the two of them paired onto a single ticket? The Democratic Party is treating the American people like idiots – and it’s starting to show.

Kamala Harris was out for blood during the primaries. She wasn’t a fan of Joe Biden then and it’s doubtful that she’s suddenly turned into a fan. But, being the VP is better than nothing, so she’s agreed to be on the ticket.

However, as if we needed more reasons not to vote Joe Biden into the White House than his failing mental capacity, she brought up a number of good points against him.

Kamala Harris is a strong female, and she says what’s on her mind. It wasn’t that long ago that she was leading the polls because there were people intrigued by the possibility of a female president.

She called Biden out on a lot of what he’s done as both a Senator and a Vice President. This includes being friendly with two of the most racist GOP senators to have ever sat in the White House. She told him that the friendship and hearing of him speak about those two men in such a radiant light was “personal” and “hurtful.”

One of the most historic decisions of his career was to oppose federally mandated busing. It was early on in his career as a senator, but he opposed it – and that’s not the position that Kamala Harris would have taken.

This isn’t the only thing that the two disagree on, either. Harris is all about embracing the Green New Deal yet Biden stood on the presidential debate stage and said that he’s not in favor of it.

Healthcare is another hot topic – and Harris is one of the ones that are fully behind the idea of Medicare-for-all. Biden, meanwhile, believes that the answer is to work on improving the shortcomings of Obamacare.

Biden considers himself a moderate. Meanwhile, Harris is leaning more toward the progressive/socialist side of the spectrum. She has big ideas – and some of them are a bit too crazy for Biden to get behind.

Shouldn’t a president and vice president agree on a lot more at this point in the game? Biden and Harris have very little in common except for the fact that they are both inside of the Democratic Party. Even then, it’s debatable that the Democratic Party shouldn’t be split into two since the progressives are closer to a Socialist Party than anything else.

It’s important to look at the way that presidential candidates choose their vice-presidential running mates. When Trump ran, he chose Mike Pence – and Pence was not part of the primaries. When Hillary Clinton ran, she chose Tim Kaine – and Kaine was not part of the primaries. Even when Obama ran, he chose Biden – and Biden was not part of the primaries.

The Democratic Party made a grave error. They allowed Biden to choose one of his fellow candidates. It doesn’t create a harmonious ticket. Too many people remember the ways in which Harris attacked Biden’s character. While she didn’t go as far as calling him a racist, she did comment about how he personally offended her. She called him out on all of the differences in his platform because her platform was completely different.

The Dems want us to forget about all of that. They want us to forget about every insult she slung in his direction.

The problem is that we can’t forget. We remember it all because it happened earlier this year. It is why presidential candidates don’t choose their competition as a running mate. There’s too much history and too much bad blood between them. Yet, the Dems have already made their mistake – and they’ll still wonder where they went wrong once Trump wins for a second term.