Americans Are Arming up to Prepare for Life Under Biden and the Squad

The United States is clearly preparing itself for something. Gun sales statistics prove it. When it comes to FBI background checks that are conducted before a gun can be purchased, the numbers have never been higher. This has been a long, hard year for most Americans and people are ready for anything at this point.

It’s a prepare for the worst, hope for the best type of mentality. We fully understand where people are coming from in this regard. “Gun-buying activity shattered records in the U.S. this year, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation recording both the highest number of background checks in its history and the highest increase of checks year-over-year in over two decades,” reads the report from Just the News.

This was not all that they had to say. “Last month was the busiest November on record for FBI background checks in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, according to the Bureau’s month-by-month data. Background checks were up 40% from the prior November, with over 3.6 million checks performed throughout the month,” they continued.

In the history of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, this is slated to be the second-highest increase of all time. The numbers can be hard to wrap your mind around. “Overall, the FBI has recorded 35,758,249 background checks so far this year, a provisional number that is already 26% higher than last year’s total of nearly 28,400,000. That’s the second-highest percentage increase in the 21-year history of the NICS,” the aforementioned report continues.

Even the Gallup polls that liberals love to lean on are not providing the desired results anymore. Their polls have shown that support for gun control is starting to decay. The liberals have not been able to get their way yet and now that the nation has faced a difficult year, we are sure that a lot of them are starting to think differently.

Now that towns and cities all over the country are letting themselves get swept up in the wave of woke talk, people are getting understandably nervous. It’s hard to feel as if you are going to be safe during the years to come when so many are turning away from the police force. What happens when officers stop signing up entirely?

The far left would act as if this is a victory but those who actually have goods and property that they wish to protect are not going to agree with that assessment. It’s pretty easy to be against the police when you don’t have anything that anyone else would want. It’s a lot harder to take that view when you have possessions that you would not like to lose.

As the word about gun sales starts to spread around, expect a lot of liberal whining. They are never able to handle these types of concerns in a sane manner. The talks will turn into discussions of banning people from gun ownership again and they are going to get as far as they got last time…..which is to say, not very.

Americans know that if they give up their guns, they are giving up their rights. It’s a slippery slope from there and who knows where it ends up. Why should people be willing to wait and see what happens after that? The Obama administration never had the guts to do anything when they were in office but we wouldn’t be shocked if old Sleepy Joe decided to get a bit more frisky.

He’s probably already under the impression that he can do whatever he wants because he’s stolen the election already. If this is the case, he is sure to be miserable when his plans of pandering to the far left are laid to waste. No sane American is going to want to see their liberty trampled on like this, no matter what they are being told that the stakes may be. Biden is going to learn this lesson the hard way.