Americans Are Ready to Move About the Country – Liberals Can Stuff It

The Democrats wanted to keep people locked in their homes for the rest of 2021, but it looks like they will not get their wish. With the start of summer across the country and knowing that COVID-19 is not as bad as initially thought, people are getting outdoors. Republican states opened last year, and the blue states were forced to follow people demanding them to open up.

Mask mandates and lockdowns are the fear that travelers have as they set out across the country. The lady that was arrested in Hawaii by their COVID-19 police sent bewilderment throughout the nation. But that is not going to stop people from getting out and enjoying their lives this new season.

Joe Biden and his administration would love to see people stay home and not travel. He has tried to get gas prices up so people would limit driving, but as history reveals, Americans love the great outdoors. And there is not a Joe Biden wannabe around that will stop people from having fun this year.

Over half of the country has indicated that they are hitting the roads this year at least once. It was fearful of traveling last year because of the virus, but people are now vaccinated or have natural immunity. Fear this year comes from the Democratic Party and the states that they rule. The rules are changing so fast in those areas that people just do not know what to think.

The tourism industry took a nasty hit last year when no one was willing to take a trip. No one wanted to venture out because they did not want to get stuck somewhere away from home. But now, people are thumbing their nose at the Democrats and hitting the roads.

America is the greatest nation in the world. There is beauty in every state. A family can spend an entire month traveling and still not see all the wonders that make America Great. And there is nothing that Biden can do to change just how great the country is.

The liberals want nothing to do with being great. They hate the fact that America is self-sufficient and does not need to rely on other nations for materials and oil. That is one reason why Biden wants to make America dependent on foreign oil.

His attempt to raise the gas prices and cause a national shortage has pretty much failed. Has prices have risen some, but they are far from where he wants them to be. And while the excellent and faithful Biden worshippers are sitting at home with their masks over their faces, the rest of the country will be breathing in the fresh air and living like kings.

One part of the business world that has been the hardest hit has been hotels. Rooms sat empty for the better part of a year. And some places even had to suffer through a Democratic taking over of their facilities while they filled them with homeless people infected with COVID-19.

But those dark days are past. The liberals are scared to death because they have lost control of the masses. Their subjects are now running around having fun not listening to a word that the pushy left is screaming at them from their basements.

The time to hit the roads has arrived, and there is nothing that the liberals can do about controlling the movement of people. They fear that there might be another pandemic wave, but that is all fear stuck in the mind of an aging man with Dementia.

The only thing people have to fear is listening to the Democrats. It is best to turn off the television sets and take a step out of the front door. People will see that what they are being told on the news is false and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Donald Trump gave words of hope while he was in office. The only words that Biden speaks are words of fear and intimidation. He would force everyone to mask up for eternity. But some are fighting back at the state level that nullifies federal rules so people can live free.