Americans Tell Progressives That They Won’t Stand for the Destructive Plan They Have

The celebration of the nation’s victory is well on its way to being rubbed into the wounds of the progressive liberals. They fully expected to overwhelm the country in a massive blue wave of liberal wins. But what they got was a major upset at the ballot box.

The Democratic victories that were supposed to take place ended up being red wins all over the nations. The vast majority of the progressive ballot issues failed. Many of those issues were tax increases and racial matters. The shotgun wounds they suffered are festering with spite as conservative America buries their hopes of a socialist America.

President Trump was the reason so many people came out and voted for the winners. The president has the largest number of votes in American history. Joe Biden may try and claim that title, but most of his are fraudulent to the core.

Those legal votes for President Trump spilled over into many battleground areas. The Republicans slid many across the finish line to victory. And then they laughed at the arrogant loser and sent them home.

Pelosi had high hopes that her band of outlaws would gain another dozen seats in the House. But instead, they lost nine spots. Their super majority turned into a significant loss and a wake-up call that American ideals and freedoms are not to be messed with.

The most significant losses suffered by the progressive left were found at the state level of government. Throughout the nation, Republicans took control of 192 House spots and 40 Senate seats at the state level. And there were three chambers that went back to conservative control.

The liberals are licking their sores as they learn to adapt to defeat. The cheating that the progressives tried to pull off on every level of government backfired in their faces. And now that everything hinges on Georgia’s runoff, everyone is catching the cheats in the act as they try it again.

The map of America is red. The Blue blood is draining from the swamp. Of the 50 states, 31 of them are Republican-controlled. This is a breath of fresh air for law-abiding citizens.

Even in the deep blue state of California, four seats turned red on the national level. The naïve Democrats fell for their propaganda, and they ended up having to cancel their celebration plans. People do not want to end up living in poverty because a few greedy dictators want to have everything for themselves.

Liberal crack jobs such as Michael Bloomberg and George Soros spent millions of dollars trying to rig elections and force more Democrats to victory. But in America, the freedom to vote overpowers even the rich’ dirty schemes that believe they can control everything just because they have the money.

Lisa Nelson is with the American Legislative Exchange Council. She stated that the Democrats spent three times as much money on the election than the Republicans did. And they have nothing to show for it but a bunch of wasted confetti.

Money cannot but everything. The rich liberals who have tons of it think that they are happy because they can make people’s lives miserable around them. They would be much happier if they stopped trying to take everyone else’s freedoms and start using their wealth to help America grow as a nation.

Soros and Bloomberg cannot fathom the losses they will suffer if subjected to the very socialist principles they try and levy on everyone else. It would certainly be entertaining for the world to watch both of them lose all the money and have to live in poverty under the very rules they try and support.

The Democrats are going to suffer significant losses in the next two years. The plans of the progressive liberals have saturated the Democratic Party. It has poisoned their chances at a fair win. In four years, the conservatives in America will clean up the messes that the cheaters will have made for themselves. The only thing that the Democrats will be able to claim as a victory is that they screwed everything up.