Anarchists Toast to the Destruction of Portland with Molotov Cocktails

Cheers. Kaboom. Repeat. This is what the world according to the Dems looks like. They’re content with the anarchists creating a very destructive version of happy hour. As long as the anarchists stay out of the Dems’ actual backyard, they’re fine with it going on for as long as the anarchists wish.

Destruction? Who cares. Murders? Whatever.

Portland is becoming a wasteland. Guns can’t even be blamed for this one. Molotov cocktails can be hidden easier. They’re messy. They make loud noises. Sure, why not. Welcome to 2020.

The Antifa rioters have begun throwing Molotov cocktails at the federal officers guarding the courthouse. They’re considerably more destructive than guns.

Perhaps it’s the introduction of these flaming cocktails that have led to some of the smaller riots. After all, why should hundreds show up when only a few dozen are needed? Though, the “wall of moms” is looking a bit sparse…

As for what the rioters think of the new cocktails, they love them. Ne video shared on Twitter heard them yelling “the feds is on fire…let the mother—er burn.” Awesome. So, now, glass bottles turned lethal weapons are going to be hurled toward innocent feds looking to keep the peace. Yet, the mayor still warns Trump to keep the Department of Homeland Security out of his city because he has it under control. Yep. Portland is the model city for one that is “under control.”

The police were able to find some loaded rifle magazines along with a bag of Molotov cocktails earlier in the day. The park has been where many rioters stage their attacks on a nightly basis. While the police were able to find some, clearly, they did not get all.

The only reason the police found them was because of responding to a report of a shooting. Two citizens were arrested (kidnapped, if you prefer Dem lingo) and a third was taken to a hospital due to non-life-threatening wounds.

Machetes, bats, knives…one eyewitness account to the shooting lists off the many weapons that the instigators have. Yet, these are the same “instigators” that the Dems want to continue to say are peacefully protesting. They don’t want the cops to touch them because they just want to exercise their American rights. No American has the right to use machetes, bats, and knives on innocent people!

The eyewitness account also goes on to say that the people in the park were itching to get into something. They were filming, they had guns, and they were looking to get into some trouble. Yet, the Dems don’t want to hear anything that even sounds like reality. They’d like to ignore the videos, the eyewitness accounts, and the headline news.

So, now, instead of just shootings, we also have Molotov cocktails added to the mix. It adds some excitement to it all, don’t you think? How many injuries have there been on innocent residents? Too many to count. How many arrests have been made? A lot. As for the attacks on federal officers, that seems to be acceptable collateral damage if you ask a Dem because the feds shouldn’t have been there anyway.

Cheers. Cheers to the anarchy. Cheers to watching an American city go to $hit in a handbag. It was a good city. They had some amazing sights and attractions. Not that any tourists will be booking a ticket anytime soon. Most people don’t want to walk past fires and go home with a souvenir of a gunshot wound. But, you know, each to their own.

Meanwhile, until a Molotov cocktail gets hurled at Ted Wheeler himself, the mayor will continue to live in a state of denial. He continues to denounce that there’s any kind of problem that requires the need for feds to be present. A recent tweet from Wheeler said that he’s meeting with the leadership of DHS to “discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces from Portland.” Sure, because there is no problem, right?