Another Day, Another NY Governor in Trouble

Stephan Guarch /

The decades of Democratic corruption have been showcasing themselves greatly in NY since COVID hit. With reporters bored and at home, many took on special projects to investigate old or forgotten stories. Investigators did the same thing, and many have found irregularities as well as all-out deception in these cases. This trend of doing solid investigative work is something that not only has remained with those groups but has spread to others.

Unfortunately for NY’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin the FBI and the US attorney’s office have gotten that same kick in the work ethic, and cases aren’t sitting around waiting for an easy break these days. This return to the glory days of headlines and making the bust is something that will stick in their heads after nailing the Lt. Gov in a conspiracy case.

Benjamin is being accused of conspiring to funnel state funds over to an NYC real estate investor in exchange for that investor’s thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions as Benjamin looked to win the role of NYC comptroller. The indictment goes on to say “In so doing, Benjamin abused his authority as a New York State senator, engaging in a bribery scheme using public funds for his own corrupt purposes.” Naturally, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) knew nothing about it last year when she selected him to join her after she took over the post.

Gov. Hochul herself only came to the position after the sudden fall from grace of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Unceremoniously leaving office after sexual assault allegations rained in, the former Governor is still denying these claims as Gov. Hochul is finding herself scrambling to replace Lt. Gov. Benjamin. With the 2022 midterms coming up, she needs to find his replacement and find them fast. While Benjamin was not accused back in the indictment of the real estate investor back in November, it appears as if his cooperation, in that case, lead to his indictment.

With the allegations of misused funds having plagued former Gov. Cuomo only to be dropped every time, there is a lot to be said about fixing this situation. NY leadership has been corrupt in one form or another for decades. From quiet off to the side involvement with the mob to handing out contracts to political campaign donors, to sexual misconduct allegations, to disappearing campaign workers, the Governor’s office in NY has had nothing but problems.

It’s no surprise though. With the state’s makeup, the Governor can take NYC and Long Island to win the whole state. Places like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse get no fair representation; let alone the small towns. They have a Governor who has no idea what the people of these cities are about, and what they want for the state. A Governor who is taking over a state with absolutely no chance of being able to fairly make decisions because their campaign is so full of bogus funding.

This leaves NY residents with little choice when it comes to the 2022 midterms. They can either keep the devil they are starting to know in Gov. Hochul despite her ties to this corruption, or they can replace her and hope they found someone who has yet to be corrupted by the NY politics. No matter what direction this goes in, the people of NY are already fighting a losing battle. Between lost industry, poor representation on the Federal level, and overinflated taxes to cover for NYC, the state has turned into a lost cause.