Anti-Semitic Attacks in LA Put Smiles on the Faces of Liberals

Unity. It was such a simple promise that Biden made…yet he didn’t really mean it. Since stepping into office, President Biden has done anything but unify the country.

And, now, he’s made relations between Israel and Palestine unbearable. Not surprisingly, there are anti-Semitic attacks happening throughout the U.S. – and in particular, Los Angeles.

In 2020, it was perfectly acceptable for people of color to express racism toward white people. It was not only acceptable but encouraged as liberals refused to identify the Black Lives Matter organization as a terrorist group.

Now, in 2021, it is perfectly acceptable for anti-Semitism to be mainstreamed. Why? We have Representatives like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who are as anti-Semitic as one can be. And when we have a president that doesn’t know that he’s supposed to side with Israel because they’re a longtime ally, we end up with anti-Semitic attacks.

We could have learned our lesson from 2020. We could have focused on unity to ensure that everyone in America understands that our diversity is what gives us our strength.

Nope. Violence is accepted and even encouraged – as long as it’s happening based on the liberal agenda.

Democrat-run cities are where the most violence is erupting. Rioters learn from their Representatives. And, since none of the liberal Representatives are racing to condemn their actions, the violence gets bigger and bolder.

In Los Angeles, the home of the liberals, things have gotten really bad – and videos are shown on social media to show just how bad things are.

One video shows Jewish diners being assaulted while they’re at a sushi restaurant. A pro-Palestinian mob accosts them for doing absolutely nothing. They’re simply sitting there, enjoying a meal.

Radical doesn’t even begin to cover the level of violence that’s being seen.

We have Radical Islamists terrorizing the city without the mayor, the governor, or any member of the Biden administration saying anything to discourage the behavior.

At one point a video confirmed by an Israeli news outlet in California shows that the mob is yelling out “Who is Jewish?”

It doesn’t matter if these people are doing anything wrong or not. Just being Jewish is enough to get them attacked. And that’s okay according to the liberals because anti-Semitism has reached new levels of being socially acceptable.

This is just as bad as the Nazis. What’s insane is that the liberals used to compare Trump to Hitler. Perhaps they need to start comparing themselves to Hitler as they’re the ones taking on such Nazi behavior.

It’s important to watch carefully what’s happening not only with the attacks but with what our Democratic politicians are doing.

There are people running through Los Angeles waving Palestinian flags and shouting anti-Semitic remarks. Meanwhile, Rashida Tlaib is headlining a fundraiser hosted by someone who was very vocal in promoting the denial of the Holocaust.

It’s hard to be anti-Semitic and see how the Holocaust affected so many Jewish people. So, the most anti-Semitic like to pretend as though the Holocaust never happened. And, that’s where we’re at with Tlaib – a member of Congress who is actually choosing to side with the terrorists than with America and our allies.

The entire Biden administration is allowing it all to happen. The rioters are being encouraged by tweets from some of the most liberal members of Congress. And no one dares denounce them because we have to allow people to protest, right?

Peaceful protests are a thing of the past. Now, when people are angry about something, they feel as though they can hurt the innocent and burn cities to the ground. And why? The liberals have coddled the terrorists long enough that it has become acceptable behavior – just as long as the terrorists share the same agenda as the liberals.