AOC Accuses McEnany of Being Racist…AOC Receives a Reminder of Her IQ Level

In the language of red, white, and blue slang, the term “catfight” refers to two women in the process of solving a disagreement by way of physically beating each other senseless. Examples of this can be found in bars across America on almost any given night.

In today’s world, and much to our bitter dismay, what may have at one time resulted in an exchange of fists and fingernails is all too often replaced by a virtual war of words, greatly reducing the fights entertainment value. Nonetheless, the arguments are still fun to read.

There are currently two young and shining female superstar star level females being hailed by their respective parties. Kayleigh McEnany’s keen ability to briefly pause as she stares down reporters in disbelief over their latest stupid question has her fan club roaring with delight.

After several gulps from the offending reporter, McEnany, always in the calmest of manners, leaves them dangling in midair with no further questions as she merrily skips on to her next would-be victim. The woman is intelligent and talented, and she represents President Trump with the pride and dignity deserving of his position. As everyone should.

On the other side of the tracks, the Democrats have…uh…well…AOC. A flash in the pan wannabe politician who slams her country with daily incendiary remarks meant to tear at America’s very core. And all of the Dems say; “Horray!”

In Ocasio-Cortez’s way of non-thinking, every molecule of air breathed by McEnany is designed to be twisted, turned, and falsely regurgitated to better suit her own misconception of logic. In a recent White House briefing, AOC took offense to McEnany’s reference of her as “Biden adviser Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

While not an official Biden adviser, AOC has an innate habit of sticking her snot-filled nose where it doesn’t belong, so McEnany was simply stating a fact. AOC consistently attempts to sell her lamebrain proposals to anyone who agrees to hear them or not, including Biden.

Somehow or another, and painfully anticipated, AOC attempted to turn McEnany’s obvious tongue-in-cheek humor, a huge part of her revered personality, into a racist remark. Yeah. She went there.

As is her habit, AOC, giving the matter no additional intelligent thought, went straight to her Twitter page. “Wouldn’t be the first person to mistake a woman of color for having a lower position or title than she does, but Kayleigh – in case you haven’t picked up a newspaper in two years, I’m a Congresswoman,” she stunningly keyed in for the world to read.

Here is McEnany’s entire quote verbatim. “The president is appalled by the ‘defund the police’ movement.” Now pay close attention to what comes next. “The fact that you have sitting congresswomen wanting to defund the police– notably Rashida Tlaib, notably Biden adviser Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, former Clinton and Eric Holder spokesperson Brian Fallon wanting to defund our police across this country, it is extraordinary.”

White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah, certainly after slapping her forehead several times in disbelief, wasted little time in clapping back with a Tweet of her own. “She literally called you Congresswoman, @AOC.” Perhaps it would be better if AOC paid closer attention next time. But she won’t.

This was all prompted by AOC’s attempt at throwing around her lack of any real power as an advocate in the movement to defund police departments. Her mind-blowing stance has even prompted criticism from the Congressional Black Caucus, whom she undoubtedly thought would agree with her. Oops…

Ocasio-Cortez said she is “actively engaged in advocacy for a reduction of our NYPD budget and defunding a $6 billion NYPD budget that costs us books in the hands of our children and costs us very badly needed investment in New York City Housing Authority and public housing.”

While socking additional funding into NYC’s housing crisis is certainly a commendable idea, improved living conditions are not going to end NYC’s rampant crime, particularly in low-income areas where the residents are going to remain short of cash no matter what improvements are made. This is where the problem actually lies, but AOC prefers the niceties in life over a little bit of inconvenient crime.