AP Reveals Cuomo’s Nursing Home Death Under-Count–His World is Crashing Down

The nursing home disaster is finally catching up with crooked Andrew Cuomo. People are starting to see the duplicity and secrecy that Cuomo operates his reign of terror with. The sorry governor deliberately sent COVID-19 infected patients to nursing homes with the intent of infecting the elderly. His final wish was for them to catch the virus and die off.

But some in the media are taking notice and speaking out. Cuomo doctored the facts so that the true effects of the virus on the nursing home scam would not be discovered. In one nursing home, it was reported that only four had died from the virus. Cuomo decided to only report the ones that actually died at the facility and not those that were transported to the hospitals.

The truth shows that they were infected at the nursing home and then reportedly died at the hospital. But Cuomo does not want that information leaking out because it would be enough to convict him of murder.

There were more than four people that died from COVID-19 in the Riverdale Nursing Home. There were actually 21 souls that perished. Cuomo sent a few deadly patients to the homes and before long they were all sick and fighting for their lives.

The Riverdale Nursing Home administrator is Emil Fuzayov and he stated that “It was a cascading effect. One after the other.” Meaning that one would get sick and then another would not be too far behind.

New York has the worst death rate from COVID-19 in the nation for nursing homes. Crooked Cuomo wanted only those that died on facility grounds to be counted as a death for each place. Cuomo wanted the patient that was close to death exported out of the facility before they died so they could not be counted.

Simply speaking, he doctored the numbers so his dastardly dead of thinning the elderly population would never be discovered. He saw a chance to murder innocent people and took advantage of the opportunity.

The state reports that 6,600 people died in nursing homes around the state. But that total is not accurate because of Cuomo’s coverup. His reluctance to release the true figure only strengthens the case against him that he is manipulating the figures. He wants to be seen as the one governor that handled the virus well.

Cuomo scurried under the radar since the federal government did not start requiring deaths to be counted once they left the facility. The crooked governor’s lies and coverups show the true nature of a Democrat’s heart. They have no problem murdering people and then trying to cover it all up.

Cuomo is the only governor to not count the true deaths within nursing homes. He quietly changed the way the death toll was counted so it would not look so bad. Those that died on the way to the hospital were left out of the count. By federal law, they should have been counted.

New York is the only state so far to be caught doctoring their numbers. Cuomo just does not want his state to go down in the history books as the worst in the country. His method of infecting the elderly certainly did not help how history will view his part in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Governor Cuomo is involved in a coverup of the truth. The liberal based media certainly has taken its time on reporting the facts about the story. Thousands of people died from COVID-19 and there was no reason why they should have died from it. Cuomo should not have sent those patients into healthy environments.

He alone is responsible for the extra deaths from COVID-19. As a Democrat, he used the virus as a mechanism to kill the elderly for some purpose that he will never admit too.

All the Democrats have the same belief regarding life in general. They believe that a person who is not yet born, or, is past their usefulness in age, they should be killed to make way for people that are productive in society. They place no value on life at any stage of development.