Apparently, No One Wants Rick Scott to Rescue America

Hunter Crenian/

Rick Scott, the former Florida governor, and a current GOP senator thought that he had a plan that would rescue America from the clutches of liberal Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The problem is that he didn’t have enough support from others within his party.

As a result, Scott’s “Rescue America” plan has fallen flat. Depending on where you walk in DC, you can even hear other senators mocking the plan.

The 11-point plan talked about raising the income taxes on low-income Americans – something that almost everyone is trying to avoid. Low-income Americans are already feeling the brunt of inflation, so adding to their financial woes is not a great idea – and it’s unfathomable that Scott would think otherwise.

It’s why GOP senators don’t want to get anywhere near that. It’s an election year for many, so the last thing they want to do is tie themselves to a plan that involves taxing those with the least amount of income.

As Representative Billy Long (R-MO) explained, the plan is good – and he agrees with about 95 percent of what Scott has proposed. The sticking point for him is the income tax hike. “Inflation is a huge tax increase on all Americans already, so Joe Biden already beat Rick to the punch on Rising taxes.”

When other members of the GOP weighed in on Scott’s plan, they all had the same thing to say – the tax increases are a no-go. Many senators and representatives have campaigned on platforms that promise that they won’t endorse tax hikes. That means that no matter what else Scott may have up his sleeve to help “rescue America,” it’s a no-go with his fellow Republicans.

It is clear that Scott didn’t bother to collaborate with anyone on his new plan, and a spokesperson from his office confirmed this.

The only thing that Scott managed to do is give the Democrats a chance to attack. And they’re not just attacking Scott. They’re using it as a way to attack all members of the GOP.

While Scott may have had the best of intentions, he hasn’t done any of his fellow GOP colleagues any favors since it’s an election year. The next time he has a plan, it can’t involve a tax hike. We highly recommend he run his plans by some other Republicans before going live with it, too.