Are Americans Really Anti-Asian?

The last year has been rough. Actually, from the perspective of relations between the races, it’s been a long few years. George Floyd and Brionna Taylor are just the tip of the iceberg. I could include a list of about 30 names you’ve never heard and still not scratch the surface. It’s more correct to say been a rough decade for law enforcement and black citizens.

Make no mistake, there’s a problem in America. The arguments from both sides are just arguments. Police say black folks commit more crimes and are inherently more dangerous than white folks. They cite statistics that bear that out. Black folks say police kill more black folks than White. They cite statistics bear that out as well. Now, before we start arguing the chicken vs the egg, we need to understand that it really doesn’t matter to the people in charge.

Black folks are more likely to grow up in poorer communities where crime is more acceptable and sometimes necessary for survival. Cops are more likely to use deadly force against a black man than a white one. Several cases have received national attention based on these parameters. After all the rioting and looting, after every peaceful protest we saw across this nation, the facts are still the facts. Very little changes.

While America searches for answers to a question that plagues us all, the damage done to the trust and faith in our society as a whole is catastrophic.  Black folks don’t trust the police to be impartial. They don’t trust a system that hands down harsher sentences to their own sons than it does to a white man’s son. They shouldn’t.

Until we can address the systemic racism in our police and court systems, they have every right to be wary. For every George Floyd, there are hundreds of cases that never made the national news. For every Brionna Taylor, there are hundreds of cases that go unnoticed.

We’ve got a problem that challenges the very order of society. We also have a problem that can be exploited. Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The Democrats were paying attention.

As if the tension between the black and white races wasn’t bad enough, now the liberal media is pushing the idea of a white/yellow divide. They cite a rise in hate crimes against people of Asian descent to flesh out a fracture in the relationship between Whites and Asians. Of course, the blame is laid squarely at the feet of former President Donald Trump.

Nevermind the fact that he’s no longer the President of the United States, it must be his fault because he called Coronavirus the “Chinese Virus.”  This anti-Asian sentiment must mimic the spike in anti-Spanish hate crimes back in 1918.

Wait. There was none. There was no anti-Spanish sentimentality following the Spanish flu, despite its namesake. There’s likely no anti-Asian sentiment based on the “Chinese Flu” either.

This is divide and conquer tactics in its full glory, folks. The cultured divide between the races has a new contestant. Black versus White was getting too cliche. It wasn’t having the impact it once did. So the powers that be decided to spice it up a bit. When some maniac in Georgia decided to shoot up massage parlors because he couldn’t handle the temptation, White America was blamed for Anti-Asian sentiments.

Missed in the whirlwind of race-baiting was the simple fact that he didn’t care what the race of the victims were. He simply wanted to kill anyone he considered a temptation to his sex addiction. In fact, 2 of the victims weren’t of Asian descent. That fact was likely lost in the clamor to brand this as a race-based crime. Even after specifically stating that his violent attack was not based on race, the media continued to run the story with a racial bias.

Why? Simple. The longer and more violently we’re opposed to each other, the less we’re paying attention to the government’s actions. The more time we spend distracted by the fake race war the media is peddling, the less time we have to question Biden’s border crisis. The more society is fractured by individual skirmishes, the less likely we are to notice the war raging all around us. The war we’re not seeing is on American rights and freedoms.  We won’t notice the carnage until it’s all over.