Arrogant Omar Tries to Push That Critical Race Theory Does Not Exist

Ilhan Omar is back in the news, spouting off her lies and propaganda. The socialist cheating loves to try and rewrite history to mirror what she thinks it should mention. She is a socialist that hates Israel and everything that makes America great. Her pro-Islamic stance has set her apart as a person who hates conservative values, and the freedoms Americans enjoy because of the price that freedom demands.

Omar loves to push destructive teachings on American young people. She believes that the white man is cancer that has plagued the world for too long. And now, she supports the idea of reverse discrimination and many other forms of the racial divide that would seek to criminalize the white man.

She constantly brands white men as extremists who are out to kill people who do not look like them. She calls Republican terrorists while at the same time supporting Islamic terrorism. And now seeks to deny that her beloved critical race theory teachings even exist in liberal-run classrooms around the country.

Conservatives at every level want to see the critical race theory banned from every book and classroom around the country. Their attempt to rewrite history is a foundational effort by the Democratic Party to redefine America from the great nation it is today to a nation full of sins requiring purging.

The critical race theory redefines written history and makes it sound like slavery was the sole cause of the Revolutionary War. Yet, it fails to mention any of the real reasons why the Founding Fathers led the newly formed nation in a revolt against the British.

Republicans are banning the fake history from classrooms in conservative states. But Ilhan Omar wants to make it sound like the conservatives are being paranoid about teaching that does not exist. Sher has come out and publicly denies the very thought of it being taught in American schools.

The Democrats deny the existence of other harmful entities that do exist within America. For example, many prominent Democrats will admit that Antifa does not exist even though they constantly reveal themselves and attack targets in liberal-run cities. Of course, every other person knows they exist, but the Democrats still deny that they exist.

Omar made her ridiculous statement after Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin brought out legislation that will prevent the damaging theory from being taught in schools in Washington D.C. Republicans continue to fight for the people by keeping the liberals from spreading their lies.

The Democrats actively seek ways to damage the minds of young people. The way they infiltrate the schools is by slipping in dangerous ideas that are not based on truth. They put their silly ideas into a textbook and claim that it is a fact when it is nothing more than a fictional idea from a slated mind.

Ilhan Omar is the queen of hate. The critical race theory that she supports and denies any existence of teaches kids to “hate each other and hate their country.” Grothman continues to maintain that “In other words, students being taught that they are defined by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.”

The divisive teachings are herald by the Democrats as the best thing since the founding of the country. Except it causes division. Joe Biden may want to unify the country, but he allows divisive elements to be taught in classrooms around the country.

Nearly half the country is already taking steps to ban the dangerous liberal trash from the classrooms. Ilhan Omar can squawk all she wants about how much she thinks that teaching is fake, but it does not nullify its existence.

Democrats push racism and make people hate each other by telling them white and black people will never get along. Their lies create trouble and end up harming people for generations. The liberals may want unity, but their actions and words tell a different story. Joe Biden is one man that cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what is going on in the American classroom.