As His Dementia Gets Even Worse, Biden Just Insulted MLK on Live TV

When former Vice President Joe Biden told black voters earlier in the month that they “ain’t black” if they don’t support him as president, no one thought he could ever outdo himself. I mean, how do you make a gaffe so insulting and racist on national television, let alone come back from it. But he just proved us all wrong.

As it turns out, there are worse things he could say and talk about. And on Thursday, Biden proved it.

While speaking at an economic roundtable event in Philadelphia, the assumed presidential candidate began to speak of current forms of technology and how they are affecting the global conversations of racial injustice and police brutality.

But the highlight of the entire event came when Biden said, “Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

I’m sorry, what?

You mean to tell me that the death of a man whose name no one besides his family and friends have ever heard of is somehow more “impactful” than that of Martin Luther King Jr’s?

King was a man who nearly single-handedly started the Civil Rights movement and brought equal pay and treatment to the black community. His death was mourned by hundreds of thousands and in a day without cell phones, internet, or video cameras everywhere.

Now, in no way am I saying that Floyd’s death didn’t matter, or that he was somehow less important. His death, just like MLK’s, was tragic and wrong. It should have never happened, and justice was well deserved.

Neither am I saying that his death hasn’t caused a massive movement for that justice. It clearly has, as protests and groups have been organized not just around the country but also around the world in response.

In that way, his death is like that of Dr. King’s. And as Biden tries but fails so miserably to say, the technology of the day and communication has affected that. Without smartphones in nearly every hand and pocket, over half of what is being done and said today wouldn’t be available for the public to see.

However, to suggest that MLK’s passing was anything less than Floyd’s is an absolute slap in the face to a man and really the entire movement that made racial inequality something to be fixed.

Perhaps what Biden was trying to say is that without smartphones, Floyd’s death would have been far less of a national event. Sure, the news would have spread, but without video of the actual incident, would millions have been incited to such rage in such a short amount of time?

Similarly, let’s say that MLK lived, breathed, and died in this day and age, surrounded by social media and the ever-present media. Can you imagine what his death would have caused? If an unknown man from Minneapolis can create such an outrage, what would a man who was the public face of civil rights for decades do?

The two cannot even be compared. Not in the least. And yet, that is precisely what Biden has just done.

Either he is so wrapped up in being woke to the progressive left, or his mind is slipping even faster than I thought.

In either case, this was not a good look for a man who is trying to win over the black communities of the nation. I don’t think insulting a man who is often revered as somewhat of a saint, isn’t going to get you many brownie points.

And talk about damage control. I bet his campaign has an endless amount of fires to put out over this one. After all, it’s not like this one can be blamed on his childhood stutter.

This Coronavirus pandemic that has forced the former VP to be locked away in his basement for weeks on end has obviously been the single best thing for his campaign. But as the virus and its hold on our nation loosen, instances like this, where Biden is let out for the public to see and hear, will have to happen more often.

And each appearance gives him another opportunity to put his foot in his mouth and show off his all too apparent dementia. Hell, half the time he can’t even handle the teleprompter, let alone a live person to respond to. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if his staff hopes the virus continues until the election is over.