Austria Makes Power Move To Become the Progressive Global HQ; Mandates Vaccines for All


From ‘The List of Things Nobody Had on Their 2022 Bingo Cards’ comes the breaking news of Austria leading the charge for progressives. With their push for COVID vaccination mandates for all, the nation is making global news as their authoritarian Government seizes more control from the people.

With a 137 to 33 vote in the Austrian parliament, the motion for vaccination mandates for all adults over the age of 18 with primary or secondary residence in the country had suddenly passed. Kronen Zeitung newspaper reports “Austrians who have taken one or two doses most of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines, except for the Chinese Sinovac or the Russian Sputnik V vaccines, will be considered fully vaccinated but those who refuse to take the vaccine could face a fine of up to €3,600 (£2,994/$4,072).”

In mid-March, the police will begin enforcing the regulations during routine stops, checkpoints, and traffic stops. Those unable to prove vaccination status will be fined. This is especially troubling for the police, as many believe it will make it impossible for them to be treated with respect within their communities. Especially given their status as being used for political purposes. A group of officers wrote to parliament asking them not to make the move, with a reported 600 active officers being on the request.

The populist Freedom Party led by Herbert Kickl voted against the measure and spoke out about it as well. Via Facebook Kickl stated “Today is a day of shame for the Austrian Parliament and for our democracy. The FPÖ deputies have voted unanimously against this unjust law, which is the totalitarian low point… We will do everything possible to bring down compulsory vaccination with a majority of citizens.”

Of all the horrific moves taken recently across the globe, this takes the cake as one of the weakest moves of any government. Austria may not be considered a superpower, but they are widely regarded as being a chief exporter of firearms, as Glock is headquartered there. While many are now being made in the US, the history of them being Austrian is entrenched deeply in the minds of many Americans. This puts them in a unique position as a country.

Given the backlash many American companies have faced over their vaccine mandates, it is entirely possible to see people boycotting and even selling off their Glocks as a response to the mandate. It won’t be in droves like you have seen people dumping Carhartt or not flying Southwest as a response to their mandates, but it is likely to still be significant.

Austria is one of the few nations going full tilt with using control to prevent COVID. As England abandons their lockdowns and other mandates, it is strikingly unusual to see another country going in such the opposite direction. Especially when they are reporting that 72 percent of their people are doing it freely, the idea of forcing the vaccine on their people is just cruel and horrific.

Of all the times for the United Nations to step in and say this is wrong, this is one of the big ones. While it will be difficult as the positions Austria took represent such a level of control that the progressive left has their jaws on the floor. This is occupation level control, and about three steps shy of the opening moves to reassemble the third Reich. Given the history Austria has with that part of the time, you would think they would avoid it at all costs.