Bernie Backs Biden but AOC Gets Ignored – How Dare They!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be redefining the word “narcissist” with every breath she takes! In an awkward but eventually expected non-event, Bernie Sanders finally made an official endorsement of the now presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Well, it was a non-event for most of us, but it appears AOC has taken personal offense to the apparent oversight of Biden’s campaign for not seeking her endorsement.

Psychology Today states that “Narcissism is characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others, a need for excessive admiration, and the belief that one is unique and deserving of special treatment.” Does any of that sound like anyone you know?

The freshman 20-something-year-old Democratic Rep. of New York is offended, not that Bernie endorsed Joe, but that Joe’s camp didn’t seek her backing. ‘Grandiose sense of self-importance,’ – check. While it may seem nearly impossible for any Democrat to find the path to the Oval Office without the support of AOC, it appears Joe Biden is going to try!

Yes, hard to imagine, with the clout and popularity of such a powerful politician like AOC, imagine what great success Biden would have with her supporting him. It even seems that the vocal and free-wheeling Ocasio-Cortez was shocked about the lack of attention given to her by the former VP.

In recent interviews, as one story reported, “by her estimation, Biden had failed to do appropriate outreach in order to persuade her,” along with “what the Biden campaign has failed to do in order to win her support,” among other self-soaked quips.

‘Need for excessive admiration?’ Check.

To be a true narcissist, however, you would probably need to display some type of ‘belief that one is unique and deserving of special treatment.’ Funny you should mention that because what is almost funny is that AOC seems offended by the lack of attention after she criticized and lashed out at Joe Biden.

Oh yes, she did. Our story shared some of those comments from recent interviews with the outspoken liberalist too. Comments like “While Biden is the nominee, we also know that he didn’t win because of policy. In state after state after state, Democratic voters support a progressive agenda.”


She said regarding Biden’s healthcare plan, “they floated this olive branch to the progressive left of lowering the Medicare age to 60… and it’s almost insulting.’’ But Joe Biden didn’t court her for her support and endorsement?

‘Deserving of special treatment?’ Check.

Maybe the only characteristic missing from the narcissist definition is the ‘lack of empathy for others,’ because we all know how compassionate she is, right? In fact, those are probably the first two things people associate with AOC, her power and influence as a politician, and her humanitarian efforts!

The truth is, as our story also reported, is that this young and opinionated Representative is about to isolate herself, maybe even to the point of being isolated from the government completely. The fact that she still is getting interviews and that we are still talking about AOC is almost too hard to believe. Why?

If it hadn’t been for the Trump and Pelosi show all those months ago and the dubious birth of ‘the Squad’, she probably wouldn’t have a voice at all. At the time, it was a classic Trump moment that did so much more than the President could have hoped and more than the Dems wanted.

It also gave birth and a platform to Alexandria Oscario-Cortez and her AOC moniker, and that is becoming more than anyone wanted. Anyone but AOC herself, like any good narcissist.

Even Bernie, the staunchest and most stout opponent Biden faced, has thrown in his support and endorsement. Even Bernie, as he encouraged all his supporters to join him, realizes the need to unify a fractured and broken Left. Of course, that would mean putting the goals of the whole, of the Party, ahead of your own.

You know who hasn’t endorsed Joe Biden. We know who has yet to voice any support, and has offered nothing but criticism of the Biden campaign – and even at her own party. And we also know what kind of people might struggle putting the good, welfare, and benefit of others ahead of their own agenda and goals.

‘Lack of empathy?’ Check.