Bernie Moreno’s Ad Buy Takes on Illegal Immigration


Someone has to do something about all of the illegal immigration. The safety and security of the nation are at risk. Joe Biden isn’t dealing with it. Kamala Harris is blatantly ignoring it. And DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is sitting back and watching millions enter the border.

So, an Ohio candidate for the Senate has decided that he’ll focus on illegal immigration – and his ad spending shows that he’s not messing around.

Bernie Moreno is launching an Ohio GOP Senate campaign – and according to an exclusive with Breitbart, he’s spending $4 million on an ad buy to highlight illegal immigration. He refers to it as the “invasion” and is demanding that President Biden end the border crisis once and for all. Oh, and he’s got another demand along the way – make English the official language of the U.S.

Most countries have an official language. Guess what it is in France or Germany…yep, French and German, respectively. So, in the United States of America, it should be English. Yet, we don’t have an official language – and it poses problems in schools, the workforce, and more because people come in from other parts of the world (including south of the border) and assume that they don’t have to learn English.

Moreno will be running the campaign through January 15 and acknowledges that it’s the most expensive political ad campaign to ever run in an Ohio primary. It’s also the most concentrated.

The Senate candidate has already one-upped Kamala Harris. He knows what the root cause is – “Illegals come because of the freebies. Free money from Biden – and to take your job. Free passes for crime because Democrats want their vote.” He talks about all of this within the ad.

He goes on about how a wall needs to be build and how English needs to be the official language so that we can take back our country.

Moreno is an immigrant. He understands the desire to be an American. However, he, like many immigrants, chose to go the legal way. And, those who followed the immigration laws are disgusted by what Biden is doing right now.

Moreno is celebrating his family’s 50th anniversary of migrating (legally) to the country.

It’s about time that someone is willing to tackle all of this. Moreno has personally visited the border, which is shaping up the way that he views the Biden administration and their failures

Richard Grenell is serving as the senior adviser to Moreno’s campaign. If the name sounds familiar, he also served as the director of national intelligence to former President Trump.

As Grenell explained, “As a legal immigrant businessman, Bernie also understands that border security is economic security for working families. When he is elected to the U.S. Senate, he will put America first by voting to secure the border.”

Now, can we make sure that each and every politician running for the Senate can say the same thing? We’ve seen what Biden and his merry band of liberals have been able to do for the U.S. (nothing), so isn’t it about time we actually focus on America’s problems?

It seems that Moreno should have no problem catching the attention of every Republican in Ohio with his ad buy, so it will likely be money very well spent.