Biden and Harris on the Outs? They’re Never Seen Together Anymore…

By RedhoodStudios/
By RedhoodStudios/

For conservatives like myself, the only thing scarier than knowing that our president is dementia-ridden and not fit to serve is that his vice president, Kamala Harris, was given pretty much equal status as he when they were inaugurated back in January.

It was said that their administration, dubbed the Biden-Harris administration, was to be one of complete partnership, with each taking equal responsibilities and working together closer than any other in our nation’s history.

Unlike most vice presidents who handle the more behind-the-scenes affairs, Harris was given the reins, or at least half of them, on day one. She attended the presidential daily briefings, was tasked with handling some pretty major issues, and even took foreign affairs phone calls for Biden.

She seemed the perfect yin to his yang, not only in gender, age, and ethnicity, but in leadership abilities, energy levels, and policy ideas.

For all intents and purposes, their ‘co-presidency’ was supposed to be the stuff of legends, as they say.

And yet, a mere ten months into that partnership, things seem to have soured between the two of them.

Remember those daily briefings Harris as invited to attend whenever possible? Well, as it turns out, she’s been avoiding them as of late. In fact, as the Daily Mail has recently pointed out, she’s only attended 69 of the last 275, meaning she’s missed a whopping 206.

And what about their public appearances together?

In the last 55-day period, ending on October 22, The Los Angeles Times reported that the two had been seen together in public just two times. One was for the September 11 commemoration. The other was the anniversary of the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in October.

When we look back at the early months of their relationship, the numbers were quite different. For example, in January and February, the two were together in the public light no less than 27 times in just 38 days. In March and April, that number only dropped to 23.

And yet, they barely managed to do one together a month.

The same can be said of public announcements being made by the supposedly close pair.

In January, they came together 20 times to make announcements. In both February and March, 38 times. But by the time September rolled around, they were down to only eight. And seven is the number so far for October.

So what happened? Where has the love gone?

Well, according to a former Harris adviser, there is a deep lack of trust between vice president and president right now. In addition, it seems that Harris is upset “she hasn’t been given any all-star portfolio.”

I’m sorry, but what else but an “all-star” agenda would you call the border crisis? Biden gave that task to her very early on in the year, and Harris has done exactly nothing with it, save traveling to South America to find the “root” of the problems.

Now, to be clear, the border issue, even if she had been able to accomplish anything on, it would have been a rather thankless job as were the other two largest tasks she was given, getting Congress to go for the left’s voting agenda and upping vaccination rates nationwide.

However, there can be no argument about how desperately the Democrats needed Harris to come through for them in all three of these matters. And since she hasn’t well, no wonder Biden has seemingly taken back the reins and hasn’t given her much more to do than housing keeping tasks.

Instead, as the Daily Mail points out, it seems she’s been relegated to more of a “traditional vice presidency where she travels to promote her boss’s plans for the country rather than sitting in the board room shaping them” as she was once promised.

Needless to say, this is no doubt not what either Biden or Harris thought things would be like for them.

Of course, other than they are obviously avoiding each other, the White House is trying to keep up appearances as if everything is ok.

According to Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, the reason the two are not together much anymore is that the “vice president keeps a busy schedule doing the work of the administration and always in support of the president.”

But it’s becoming more and more evident; there is trouble in paradise…