Biden Blames His Staff for Son’s Woes

The Democrats love to shift blame when they are found at-fault with things. They will make up stories and excuses to try to rationalize their actions or at least lessen the guilt that they are facing. Joe Biden is no exception to being a Democrat.

He is the model of one that loves to shift the blame off of himself and place it on others. In a way, the country could expect nothing less. But when Biden is the center of attention and faces charges of corruption, then the blame is bound to pass on to other people.

Bouncy Biden is claiming that someone else should have told him that for his son to be a board member with a Ukrainian company would be an issue. As the former vice president Biden should have known better.

In his belief, the blame should fall to his staff at the time and not to him. But as a leader, it is his fault no matter who made the error. As the one in charge, he has to answer for the actions of those under him. At least, in this case, he should have known what the policy was concerning nations that were marked as corrupt. But it really would never have been an issue for him except he got caught.

Biden still maintains that his son did nothing wrong. Other than violating federal law and policy regarding involvement in a foreign country. He maintains that it was his staff’s responsibility to keep him informed of all matters regarding illegal actions and what his son could and could not do. Joe Biden is trying to wash his hands of the matter but the blood has stained them red.

He stated that “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that.” Playing the ignorance card will not work for a  person. Biden was in a position where he knew the difference.

He would have known all about the policies regarding nations that were under investigation for corruption. He would have known what federal law dictated as to what kind of actions were acceptable for people to have. The reason that no one supposedly failed to tell him was because of his other sons’ battle with cancer.

But excuses will not remove the fact that there is still a level of responsibility that he is to answer for regarding his stupidity. Biden has even taken his stupidity as a cause to attack the president as if he had any part in the game that Biden was playing.

He stated that “The appearance looked bad and it gave folks like Rudy Giuliani an excuse to come up with a Trumpian kind of defense, while they were violating the Constitution.” The only one that violated the law was Biden and there is no way that he can blame anyone else.

The Democrats also love to protect their own and promote the sad excuses that are found to be lies. John fairy Kerry has recently come to Biden’s defense and stated that “he did not know.” Now the question remains how would Kerry have known what Biden knew? Except that Kerry was involved in the scandal and coverup.

Biden is a person that has often said that aid should be withheld from Ukraine and no one ever tried to destroy him over such statements. But that is something that is reserved for President Trump to be accused of by the  Democrats because they hate him.

Biden knew the law, and he certainly knew that his son should not have been involved the way he was with the oil company in question. The facts are clear that Biden is just trying to cover his tail as the truth is slowly coming out about himself and his sad son.

He can try to blame his old staff but in the end, he will be the one that must answer for the crimes that he is responsible for. And there is no way that he can blame President Trump for actions.