Biden Breaks Another Campaign Promise

Matt Smith Photographer/

Like any presidential candidate, Joe Biden made a fair share of promises to the American people. But unlike most of his predecessors, he hasn’t been able to keep hardly any of them.

Of course, he won’t admit to that. In fact, according to him, he’s still doing exactly what he said he would. The only problem is that reality is telling a much different story.

Take his constantly repeated promise to “buy American,” for example.

As you well know, the COVID-19 pandemic put a huge strain on our economy and our supply chains. As a result, people have been left without or struggling to make ends meet for months, if not years now. However, things would have never gotten that bad if America had learned to rely on our own resources and products rather than foreign countries.

And so Biden promised to buy American, knowing that it was and still is what needs to be done.

In fact, on day one, he made a great many people happy by signing over an executive order saying that anytime the federal government spent your hard-earned tax money, it would be handed over for only fully American made products, whether that be the vehicles they drive, the health equipment used, etc.

Hell, he even said that all the parts of those products had to be American-made, or he wasn’t buying it.

However, that’s not exactly what has happened, is it?

We can start with the well-known problem of natural gas and crude oil. When it comes to the resources contained in the land, America is pretty rich. Texas is pretty much chucked full of crude oil, as is Alaska. In fact, the latter has some 23 million acres known to be saturated with the stuff. And yet, when it comes to fueling American cars, planes, businesses, and homes, Biden says we need to go elsewhere.

He’s banned all those acres in Alaska from even being touched, let alone mined for their resources. And I’m sure you’ll remember that right after or before signing his executive order promising to buy American, he shut down a massive pipeline that would have made getting oil and its products into our communities right from home.

And then, he dared to ask, more like beg actually, for OPEC to start producing more so we could get some of theirs…

No wonder gas and oil prices are skyrocketing.

Or what about where we are getting our COVID tests from?

Last month, on January 13, the Department of Defense announced that it had contracted out a Chinese company to begin supplying all of our COVID-19 rapid tests. According to the announcement, iHealth, a subsidiary of China’s Andon Health Co., will be receiving $1.3 billion to manufacture and supply Americans with rapid COVID tests.

As many social media users asked, “Why? Can’t our American labs make them?”

Surely, we have the technology and know-how. After all, American-made companies came up with the vaccines, right?

And yet, Biden has once again run to the Chinese.

As Republican Representative Michael Waltz told The Washington Free Beacon, this is basically like “paying the arsonist for helping put out the fire,” as we all know by now, and it’s been proven that a lab leak in Wuhan, China is what caused the pandemic in the first place.

In addition, the contract does nothing but exacerbate the current supply chain crisis we are experiencing. Already we have ships waiting and trucks not being loaded because we rely too much on other countries for our needs and wants. Buying healthcare products from anywhere else but in the US only makes us that much more dependent on others.

And that doesn’t even begin to get into the fact that we are doing this with the Chinese of all nations – a nation known for its human rights abuses, communist ways, and a tendency for spying. Republican Representative Elise Stefanik of New York says this puts “our national security at risk while simultaneously lining the pockets” of the very nation who unleashed COVID and then covered it up.

But Biden doesn’t see it that way, I guess. As of Friday, he was still spouting off about how he’s only buying “American products – American products made in America, including all the component parts of that product with very few exceptions.”

Later that same day, he doubled down on this promise, saying that “unless the product that I’m purchasing… was made in America and all of its component parts are made in America, we ain’t buying it.”

But as his actions have already shown, these are nothing but hollow words.