Biden Brings Back Illegal Immigrants Deported Under Trump


It’s like a revolving door these days. Send em home, let em in. Send em home, let em in. Yet Biden keeps the door spinning, and now he wants to push that door open even wider. Under President Donald Trump many were deported and that was that. Now Biden wants to bring some of them back with open arms.

National Public Radio (NPR) reported, two previously deported illegal immigrants Claudio Rojas of Argentina and Jean Montrevil of Haiti were both flown back to the United States on the taxpayer dime. This is in response to their claims that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) retaliated against them for being open borders advocates. Before deportation in 2019, Rojas was here as an illegal alien for 19 years; Montrevil got the boot in 2018 after being here for over a decade.

Per NPR “Claudio Rojas was deported to Argentina in 2019 at exactly the same time that a film about his activism for undocumented immigrants was premiering in theaters. Rojas knew it was going to be an uphill fight to come back…Jean Montrevil is an immigrant rights advocate in New York. He was deported, too, in 2018 to Haiti. Montrevil, too, was allowed back into the U.S. under the Biden administration. He landed at JFK Airport in New York in October…ICE has denied retaliating against Montrevil and Rojas and did not respond to requests for comment on their return to the U.S. Under new guidance from the Department of Homeland Security, immigration authorities have been told explicitly not to take action against activists for exercising their freedom of speech. Here’s what DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told me about that guidance when it was first announced in September.”

This makes zero sense to return them to the USA. They are not being brought back to face trial. They are not being flown back to pay for their crimes. They are instead being flown back as if they deserve an apology. Like they did nothing wrong and broke no laws. Unfortunately for them and their Democrat friends, they did break some laws. They should be put on trial. They should be incarcerated or sent back home.

Yet the TSA and other services failed the American people by allowing them back in. These are the same people who are paid to protect our airports and other soft targets. Yet they just let people in like it doesn’t matter. Somehow they need to pat my leg down every time I go through the scanner, and rarely do I get a full trip in without a TSA note in my bag, but these people walk back in basically twirling a cane and whistling show tunes without a care in the world?

We have a large problem here and nobody is willing to truly stand up and tell President Biden this is wrong. Somehow this escapes him, and the rest of his leftist buddies. Yet he keeps on pushing forward and making plans to keep the American people out of the decision-making process, and with his goals to let more people in, he’ll keep diminishing the American vote one at a time.

One of the biggest changes came from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas back in October. During this time she made the change that prevented ICE agents from detaining or arresting illegals in ‘protected areas’. She provided examples of these areas to include protests, rehab facilities, homeless shelters, schools, parks, places of worship, hospitals, rallies, and parades. Given the fact that anything can now be a protest, place of worship, rally, or parade, this leaves ICE with little room to catch illegals besides work and home. Even those may also be found to be ‘protected areas’ in the coming months.