Biden Continues His Destruction of American Energy

Joe Biden is back at trying to raise prices to socialist levels in America. He wants to make things so expensive for people that it destroys commerce as it works today. He seeks to raise taxes on certain classes of people and end tax benefits on significant energy producers. It is another way that the nasty Democrats are looking to harm the natural resource producers.

Barack Obama tried to kill everything by over-regulation. When that method failed to achieve its goal, all Biden could do was to think of making the companies pay more for doing business. He fails to understand that those extras costs will be passed down to the consumer, which in turn hurt the economy and raised prices.

But Biden is all about the money. He wants to find ways to increase revenue so he can fund his spending habits. His agenda costs trillions of dollars to run. The media has also done its job in shifting its plan from the source from where it was hatched, which is the nest of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her Green New Deal, as it is called, seeks to bankrupt America.

Biden’s deal is almost a mirror image of AOC. Her plan called on raising taxes and eliminating tax breaks for large companies. Joe Biden is just doing what his progressive dogs tell him.

Oil prices have already risen to record levels in the past few months. One report shows that gas price has jumped 40 percent in a few short months. The report stated that “Moreover, it is not stopping there. Motorists can expect gas prices to increase another 10–20 cents through the end of August, bringing the national average well over $3.25 this summer.”

Biden makes it sound like he cares. He keeps saying things such as wanting to provide tax breaks for companies willing to develop new technology to eliminate emissions and improve battery life. It is the same rhetoric that he gave to the workers of the XL Pipeline that lost their jobs. So far, Biden has not provided them with one job with which to apply.

There will be no tax breaks for any company because Biden is a greedy Democrat that will not depart with any money that he gets. He stated that “I want to set the clean electric standard that moves us to a fully clean and reliable grid.”

Natural resources fuel that reliable grid that he keeps talking about. Electricity does not just magically appear. It is produced by sources that create energy and transmit that power to the grid.

At one time, the liberals herald the wind turbine idea until the blades needed to be replaced. They quickly found out that the only thing they could do was bury the blades in the ground. Instead of building massive structures, it would be better for them to cut taxes so the companies can develop new technologies to improve business.

He went on to say that “If we end tax breaks for fossil fuels and make polluters pay to clean up the messes they’ve made, that would raise $90 billion. I’m not asking them to do anything that is unfair, just not going to subsidize them anymore. They’re doing well, thank you. And the messes they made, they should clean up.”

The truth is that these companies have not made any messes. They have adjusted to set emissions limits and found new ways of keeping the environment clean because they had the money to develop those new methods. Biden will take that money away and lock energy production so it cannot advance into the future.

The president thinks that the country cannot wait any longer to screw business owners over. He wants his $90 billion.

The United States of America already ranks at the top of clean energy. Plenty of other places that produce the harmful gasses the liberals claim are killing the world. And they say nothing about those places. They are content on making people believe that America is the evil emissions capital of the world when it is actually the cleanest place on earth to live.