Biden Continues to Weaken as He Bows to Mother Russia

Joe Biden is the weakest link in America today. He does not have the spine that is necessary to do the job that he supposedly won by vote. Whenever an external power confronts him, he caves in and gives them exactly what they ask for. It will not take America’s enemies long to figure out that Biden is willing to let them walk all over America and take what they want.

Russia continues to be a thorn in America’s side as they continually test resolve and Biden’s willingness to do nothing about their posturing with troops near Ukraine. Biden just let them dangle the worm and get away teasing the world with their desire to invade the country.

Abraham Mahshie had reported that “For weeks, Putin’s first test of the new American commander in chief has been a massive military buildup along the eastern boundary of Ukraine and in the Crimean peninsula, which was seized by Russia in 2014 when the Obama administration and its allies ignored similar troop movements. The U.S. and NATO response this time has been swifter but light on military shows of force.”

Little by little, Russia is sending troops to the border until the number of soldiers reaches a number that can effectively invade without much effort. Russia knows that slowly putting troops in one area will not attract much attention as moving them all at once.

Another report noted that “[t]he United States will send two warships to the Black Sea next week amid a Russian buildup of military forces along its border with Ukraine, the Turkish government said Friday.”

But a few days later, Biden backed off and did not send the battleships to the region. His spineless response to Russia has only made a mockery of America and give a boldness aggressive nations. The Democrats do not understand that the United States is an influential nation that protects innocent people by simply showing up to a region.

The reason Biden chose to back off was said, “But after new fighting erupted in Eastern Europe between Ukrainian soldiers and Russian-backed separatists, officials decided not to undertake the transit to avoid needlessly escalating the situation, the person said.”

Biden ignored what Tod Wolters, who is the commander of the U.S. European Command stated. He mentions that “Today, Russia continues meddling in the politics of former Soviet Republics, abrogates its responsibilities under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, and retains an active presence on sovereign soil in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia against the will of those countries.”

Joe Biden does not care about America. He is more interested in getting rid of Donald Trump and allowing his favorite communist nations to run America. The trend that Russia is going through right now is one of aggression. They are going to take it slow, and eventually, they are going to press hard into the countries they lost at the end of the cold war.

Biden lacks the ability to influence other leaders around the world, and he is cowardly enough to hold back the U.S. military from protecting its allies. Biden was even going to sit down with Putin to talk him out of his idea of moving into Ukraine. But that meeting failed, and Biden took a back seat with other pointless leaders from around the world.

Putin respected Donald Trump. The two may not have agreed on much, but they respected each other enough to avoid testing each other. But with Biden, Putin knows he could get away with murder if he wanted to. The selfish Democrat is not going to do a thing about it because he is not fit to lead a powerful country.

There has never been a point in American history where The United States has been more vulnerable than what it is today. Joe Biden left the vault doors open, and now America’s enemies are moving in for the kill. The Democratic Party is blind to the reality of life. They do not see the danger’s surrounding the country because they are too focused on themselves to be able to do anything about it.