Biden Exposed for Wanting To Pay Illegals Taxpayer Money Ahead of Legal Citizens

By Fishman64/
By Fishman64/

Joe Biden shows his true non-American colors again as he floats the idea of illegally paying southern invaders up to $450,000 each of taxpayer money. He has posted the idea that people who want to come to the border can be paid nearly half a million dollars if they can get themselves separated from family at the border. The door is open wide, and now illegal aliens are about to swarm because of the money.

The part that becomes political is that the people had to be separated while Donald Trump was president, and they could not have been separated under his term or Barack Obama, and it has to be Trump’s term only.

The Daily Wire noted that the Wall Street Journal stated that “The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family, though the final numbers could shift. Most of the families that crossed the border illegally from Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. included one parent and one child.”

So, they get to live free in the country, but now they get to be millionaires overnight because Joe Biden wants to make a political statement. The old man is trying to buy their affection and loyalty for when the time comes that they are allowed to vote.

Joe Biden’s statement is not well received by Republicans, as is noted by Ron DeSantis. He has already blasted the old man for turning his back on Americans.

The illegals that came to the border are trying to sue the government for pain and suffering to gain financial remuneration. These people claim that they have psychological issues and trauma due to their trying to enter the country illegally and being caught.

DeSantis blasted the president by getting Americans to think. He stated, “I mean, you think about it, Americans are getting more in their gas bills, they’re getting more in their grocery bills. You’ve had all kinds of really bad policies throughout our country, that has limited freedom. And you’re going to turn around for that, and you’re going to do $475,000 for an individual that came illegally to this country? I’ve seen a lot in my day. I’ve seen a lot that’s happened over the last nine or 10 months that I didn’t think I’d ever see, but this takes the cake.”

The insanity of what Biden wants to do is beyond reason. To treat someone who is not an American citizen better than those who pay taxes and work to make America great their entire life is nothing short of betrayal.

The Floridian governor has already vowed to fight its effects on the state level. Biden’s betrayal is not going to be allowed to affect hardworking Americans living in Florida. DeSantis stated that “If that is done, that is going to be a slap in the face to every hard-working American who works hard and plays by the rules and it will especially being a slap in the face to people that have immigrated legally to this country. That should not be allowed to stand. It’s wrong. And whatever we can do in Florida to fight back against it, we will do.”

The people that gave their lives to defend freedom should be the ones getting paid. The illegals seeking to harm America by coming in as criminals should not be rewarded for their actions. But that is exactly what Joe Biden wants to do for them.

And the part about happening under Donald Trump’s term is a low blow punch to him. He was the one that got the illegal flow to stop and ended up freeing the kids placed in cages when Barack Obama placed them there. He was the one that let the child go free from the clutches of a sexual abuser. These kids were not separated from their parents and were freed from human smugglers posing as a parent.