Biden Has No Chance of Accomplishing Anything Without Republican Support

Joe Biden found out that he is not as popular as he thought he was before stealing the White House away from its rightful occupant. Politicians have realized that Donald Trump was right and that boyish Biden cannot be trusted to look out for American interests. And because he is untrustworthy, he has a terrible time finding the votes needed to ram his socialist bill through the red tape.

Donald Trump put America on track to grow beyond all expectations. He opened up new areas of trade and business that were strangled in Democratic regulations. He even got America on its playing field with energy independence. But all of that came to an end when Biden stepped in and wrecked it all.

The president’s COVID relief bill was nothing more than a trojan horse full of socialist wishes. It even fell short of the $2,000 per person amount that he promised while running for president from his basement. And now that he has spent money that did not exist, he wants to print more, so America stays strapped to its debt for decades to come.

Biden’s infrastructure bill is even worse than his relief bill. And the problem he is facing is that there are Democrats that will not support his efforts because they see how dangerous the man has become.

Joe Manchin and others in the Legislature do not want to see another massive spending bill come their way. And because Manchin will vote against any Biden spending bills, Biden must look to the conservatives for help. Biden may very well be the first lame-duck president ever to have a majority in both the Senate and the House. And he still cannot get anything done.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito has to work at bringing Biden’s sorry bills to the Republican Party. She stated that Biden wanted the Republicans to develop an alternative bill that he could use to help pass some of his infrastructure parts.

Biden took one look at it when the conservative bill was submitted and recycled it into the shredder. He was never serious about working with their bill. The concept of bipartisanship is not even an option for the man that wants everything his way.

The Republicans had no reason even to offer an alternative bill to Biden. They were given the shaft when the liberals refused to talk about infrastructure when Donald Trump had great ideas. They wanted to play hardball and walk out of meetings acting like spoiled brats that did not get the gumball from mommy or daddy.

Biden needs a goat to keep the trouble off of him when his pointless bills fall apart. He wants the Republicans to develop the base of the bill to blame them when the time comes to pay on the debts that he recklessly keeps adding up.

The significant part is that the conservative base has a chance to put Biden to bed. All they have to do is stop trying to work up a bill that Manchin can get on board with. They can give Biden and his evil cohorts the stiff treatment just like they did to Trump a few months ago.

It is time for the Republicans to start denying Biden anything he wants. The politicians that want to make everything accessible want to socialize America. If they can get a few things passed, they will be one step closer to their goal of a weak America.

All Capito has to do is start telling the Democrats what they can do with their ideas. She can take the memos and shred them as Biden does with their ideas. He is not willing to listen and work with anyone but himself.

Donald Trump and other Republican leaders proved that they worked for the people. Those same people are the ones that came out in droves and cast a record number of votes for Trump. But Biden and his squad of cheats had to devise ways to cover up their fraud so they can continue to look ignorant in front of the world.