Biden Is Lifting U.S./Mexico Border Restrictions…18,000 Immigrants per Day Expected to Rush the Border…and Get In


All eyes are on Ukraine as Putin’s forces continue to relentlessly batter what remains of the once peaceful country. Ukraine was powerless to stop the Russians from marching across their border very much like the problem being encountered by agents at the U.S./Mexico border. While we’re looking the other way, 7,100 new refugees, up from 5,900 in February, are pitching tents at the U.S. southern border and Joe Biden is about to make things far worse.

COVID-19 restrictions saw the number of refugees being admitted into the U.S. take a drastic decline. When word got out about Donald Trump tightening up the border gates more of the would-be refugees began staying home. When Trump left office they started coming back. The restrictions were still tight but they knew that sooner or later Biden would spread America’s arms open to them. They were right.

In May, Biden plans on lifting the restrictions that limit the number of refugees allowed to cross the border on any given day. Biden wouldn’t discuss how his administration is going to handle the immigrant tsunami except to say, “We’ll have a decision on that soon,” which will undoubtedly be a bad one.

Biden’s communication director, Kate Bedingfield, very intelligently said, “there will be an influx of people to the border.” Gee. Ya think so? “We are doing a lot of work to plan for that contingency.” She said the administration is going to “build up our migration system and ensure that we are restoring order at the border.” 

Considering how Texas National Guard members already at the border are plagued with horrendous moral issues that have led to several suicides, and the U.S. Border Patrol is dealing with being understaffed, the Biden administration better do lots of planning between now and May.

Up until now, the CDC has been able to use the temporary authority granted to them to block asylum seekers. Times up. Within the next several days’ officials are expected to announce the termination of its authority. 

Trump was tough on immigration and he knew that giving authority to the CDC would help his efforts since they had everyone afraid to even breathe. He knew they wouldn’t be letting any strangers in and his knowledge proved to be correct.

Since March 2020, 1.7 million hopeful immigrants were told to go home. They weren’t even given pens and clipboards to apply for entry. “ G’won on. Git.”

Biden is receiving criticism from his own party, especially from Democrats in border and swing states. Arizona Democrats Sens. Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema agree with Republicans that taking this action could prove devastating for their state.

Homeland Security is anticipating the number of daily asylum seekers to more than double to at least 18,000. Sen John Cornyn, R – Texas, put the impending doom in perspective. “The Border Patrol agents told me they expect a tsunami of humans to come across the border and the Border Patrol has said they will lose control entirely.”

Expect the ACLU and other Lib groups to side with their Commander-In-Chief, and expect the opposite from anyone who God gave the good sense to vote Republican. Buckle up. They’re coming…