Biden Officially Ends Anti-Discrimination Lawsuit Against Yale! It’s Okay to Discriminate Against Asians!

A federal judge received a notice from the Department of Justice that is sure to raise a lot of eyebrows. A race-based discrimination suit against Yale University has been dropped. We thought that Sleepy Joe’s administration was all about bridging the gap between his cabal of powerful white men and marginalized groups, though?

An investigation into the Yale admissions process began back in 2018 after complaints were lodged by prospective Asian students. The Trump administration’s investigations were fairly conclusive. By the time summer 2020 rolled around, they found that Asian-American students and white American students were being discriminated against.

“Yale grants substantial and often determinative, preferences based on race to certain racially-favored applicants and relatively and significantly disfavors other applicants because of their race,” read a letter from the Justice Department after their lengthy investigation. “Yale’s race discrimination imposes undue and unlawful penalties on racially-disfavored applicants, including in particular Asian American and White applicants,” they continued.

“For example, the likelihood of admission for Asian American and White applicants who have similar academic credentials is significantly lower than for African American and Hispanic applicants to Yale College. For the great majority of applicants, Asian American and White applicants have only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials.”

Since this university depends on federal funding, Title VI’s anti-discrimination mandate applies in this case. “There is no such thing as a nice form of race discrimination,” said Assistant Attorney General Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband in a recent statement.

He was not done there, either. “Unlawfully dividing Americans into racial and ethnic blocs fosters stereotypes, bitterness, and division. It is past time for American institutions to recognize that all people should be treated with decency and respect and without unlawful regard to the color of their skin,” he continued.

As for Yale, they are emboldened by Biden’s decision and have already started to brag about it. This was the most predictable part of the whole thing, for sure. The university never had any intentions of fixing the problem. They simply sat back, waited for their preferred candidate to take office and the rest took care of itself.

“Our admissions process has allowed Yale College to assemble an unparalleled student body, which is distinguished by its academic excellence and diversity. Yale has steadfastly maintained that its process complies fully with Supreme Court precedent, and we are confident that the Justice Department will agree,” their written statement reads.

This is how Biden is going to treat everything that the Trump administration tried to accomplish. He acts like it’s his birthright to waltz into the White House and stomp all over the progress that was made. He doesn’t know how to get anything accomplished on his own, so this is the behavior he resorts to.

It’s childish, to say the least. It also goes against the idea of Sleepy Joe as the great unification president. Asian-Americans who were wondering this administration cared about their concerns at all has gotten their answer. White Americans already knew that this administration wasn’t going to care about their concerns so no surprise there.

The race-baiting with this administration is never going to stop. How can they blame Trump and team MAGA for this one, though? That’s why this story has been kept quiet by the mainstream media. It goes against the narrative that they have created about the kind and gentle Joe who cares so deeply about the concerns of the average American.

That’s all a lie. He feeds his base whatever fibs they need to remain content. They are an easy bunch to please. All they needed was a guy to sit in the chair whose name wasn’t Donald Trump. For the next four years, anyone who thinks that Biden could be doing a better job will be serenaded with “at least he’s not Trump!” chants. These are the people who view themselves as the paragon of intelligence, though.