Biden Raids Emergency Stockpiles to Make Up for ‘Shortfalls’

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If you didn’t already know, there is a major supply chain crisis going on in America. And no thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden, it’s about to get a lot worse.

Now, to be clear, the initial reason for the shortages and supply chain issues is not his fault. After all, he can’t control the dangers of COVID-19 any more than former President Donald Trump could. However, his reaction to the pandemic certainly hasn’t made things any better or easier for Americans.

Thanks to lingering lockdowns, the insistence of social distancing, masking, and now vaccine mandates, America has been prohibited from getting back to normal life as we knew it. And that means that products aren’t being made on the same schedules as they once were, there aren’t enough workers to meet the growing demands, and supplies that have been in high demand from day one are no closer to being fully stocked.

But now, as the shortages grow more widespread, Biden is ordering a new and just as faulty plan to get us back up and running as usual ahead of the holiday season. Basically, it involves raiding our nation’s emergency supplies to make up for his ‘shortfalls.’

While Biden was in Rome this past weekend, visiting with the Pope and attending the Group of 20 Summit, he made some time to address the rising shipping and supply crisis, signing an executive order that gives the Pentagon’s undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment the authority to release raw materials from the National Defense Stockpile.

According to the last in a long line of damaging executive orders from our current and deranged commander in chief, these stockpiles are to be used for “national defense purposes” only. And yet, Biden wants us to use them up in an attempt to make himself look like the hero who stopped the crisis.

Of course, this is largely problematic.

As I mentioned before, the whole idea of having such stockpiles is to ensure that the American people do not need to rely on foreign supplies or resources during a national emergency, you know, such as the pandemic. If you remember, Trump used some of these supplies when the virus first hit our shores to ensure that hospitals had things like masks, gloves, and necessary supplies to combat COVID-19.

But now, at this moment, it is quite a different story.

While there is no doubt a “crisis,” as it is being called, going on in regards to supplies, it has little to do with Americans not having enough. Instead, it’s about not being able to get things on time, with ships being forced to wait for days at a time to be unloaded and not enough workers to get those supplies loaded, unloaded, and shipped to their respective destinations.

But Biden doesn’t see that.

Instead, it seems his goal is to simply make us even more dependent on foreign goods and supplies.

He’s done it with natural gas and oil by shutting down construction on what would have been one of America’s largest oil pipelines to date, as well as putting an indefinite pause on all new oil and gas leases for public lands.

This has made us now reliant on nations like Russia and Iraq for our daily needs. And with winter coming, prices of those resources are expected to skyrocket, as they have already been. According to recent estimates, heating bills this year could be some 54 percent higher than those of last year.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Biden has also recently said he wants to help out other nations facing similar supply issues.

During his speech at the Global Summit of Supply Chain Resilience, he noted that he was “allocating additional funding to help American partners, as well as the United States, cut port congestion by slashing red tape and reducing processing times so ships can get in and out of our ports faster.”

Now, as supply chains are just that, chains that rely on many different links to make a cohesive process, this does make some sense. But this should only be done 1) if we can afford it, which we can’t, and 2) after our own needs have been served first.

Then again, the order isn’t likely to be going anywhere fast for a while, as the position Biden designated to remove supplies from our stockpiles doesn’t actually have anyone assigned to it. The former undersecretary for defense acquisition and sustainment resigned in July, and the seat has yet to be filled.

Yet another sign that Biden really has no idea what he’s doing…