Biden Setting up Secret Police to Attack Private Citizens

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi erected their wall around the Capitol, and it has been highly influential in separating them from the American people. Their wall proves that barriers work at keeping people out of certain areas. Given a chance, they both would expel every legal American and bring in illegals to worship at their feet.

They desire to ignore the people and build for themselves an empire built on the backs of their slave cast. But to begin the process, they need to have a force that can cause terror and fear in the people’s hearts. And this is where Biden’s Capitol Police come into the picture.

The old president needs to have some way of forcing people to obey his commands. He told everyone to get the vaccine whether they needed it or not. To his demise, many people did not comply. And that set his crazy mind into a spiral of trying to figure out how to force compliance. And he has decided that increased police numbers are the way to go.

The events of the Capitol riots are still a favorite flavor for the Democrats. They need to find a connection they can pin on the Republican Party. That would give them a reason to work with Biden at expanding the Capitol City Police. Something they want to see as a national force.

Biden wants to see his police force expanded into critical areas of the country. The police force announced that they are “beginning with the opening of field offices in California and Florida.”

They are also seeking to open offices in other vital sections of the country. Their purpose is to spy on Americans that would stand against the American government or the liberal party. The problem is that the Democrats want to brand Republicans as enemies of the state. Which means the police will target conservatives.

The Capitol police operate differently than the Secret Service. Their sole mission will be to spy on the American people and go after anyone that would speak out against the liberal establishment. Their goal is to move quickly, so there is not enough time for state leaders to react. China does the same thing with its people.

Biden’s decision to expand his personal police force is in violation of set procedure. The move to expand the Capitol force must be reviewed by Congress and approved. Congress controls this one entity, and it is not up to the president to decide what to do with the force.

The Capitol police do not have a higher power they report to. They can operate and do what they want and when they want. Any other time they were questioned about the actions, they simply refuse to answer.

The Democrats will have their personal police force designed to exterminate any conservative that speaks out against them. The definition of “threats” and “security” will be defined by a political party that is full of hatred and illogical elements. The people who will suffer the most will be branded as extremists and targeted for political hunting.

The Capitol Police force is supposed to the force that protects Washington D.C. and nothing else. That is why they are the Capitol Police. Their primary duty is to protect lawmakers while they are in Washington. They are not supposed to be the personal bodyguards of the Democratic Party.

Whenever a lawmaker heads home, they are subject to local protection from their hometown police. The Capitol Police do not go with them to their homes and set up a protection network around them. They are not that important. The Democrats may think they are, but no one follows them once they leave office.

But Biden’s ulterior motive is that he wants to force people into compliance. So, when he mentions that he will come to a person’s home to get them vaccinated, it should be taken seriously. The threats he is issuing from the Oval Office are attacks on the American people. The liberals do not control everything yet, so there are ways to fight the tyranny developing in America.