Biden Takes Kids and Cages Them Like Animals Just Like When He Was Vice President

The media have long sought the issue of putting kids in cages to blame Donald Trump for the inhumane act. The media even tried to pass off pictures of kids in cages as relevant to Trump’s term, but that was quickly debunked and proven to be a picture taken during the time when Barack Obama terrorized America.

Trump has also been accused of separating families at the border. But the media fails to mention that the kids being separated from their co-called families were actually rescued from human smugglers trying to pass the kids off as their own so they could collect their bounty.

All of the media and Democratic Party’s attempts have been proven false against Trump and have been pinned on Obama. The media would instead try and censor the truth than report it accurately.

But now that Trump has stepped aside, the kids in cages issue have come up again for the time being. Joe Biden has resumed the practice of inhumanely caging kids out in the open and packing as many of them together as he possibly can. One would have thought that he would have at least social distance the kids out since the liberals believe COVID-19 is still dangerous.

The Washington Post is the liberal source that wrongfully pins the caging of kids on Trump. But they did report that the Biden was going back to imprisoning kids in cages.

The plot begins to thicken when Mark Weber shows his lying face to the public. He is the spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services. He came out and tried to tell people that Biden was moving away from that practice of caging kids.

But what is actually happening is that Biden is caging up over 7,000 kids in the detention centers. Thousands of them crammed together like animals. And the world is supposed to believe that Biden cares about the kids.

Weber stated that “Every kid that comes into this program is a symptom of a broken immigration system. So today, we’ve got over 7,000 symptoms of a broken immigration system.” A system that the Democrats refuse to try and fix for the American people. For years they cried about the immigration laws, and now that they are in a position to change them, they refuse even to address the issue.

Donald Trump changed the detention centers by having the families held in Mexico. At least there, they could find a home and have food and clothing. Something that they readily received at the centers. But there were no kids in cages. The media wants people to believe that Trump put kids in cages. But the truth is that he kept them with their families while things could be sorted out.

Border agents have to separate kids from adults to determine if they are indeed related. Once that has been established, the kids are reunited with their parents. The drive-by media tells the story that they are never reunited, which is not the truth.

One agent pointed out that when a family comes to the border and is detained, that family is taken care of and watched so as to determine if they are family or not. The agents also pointed out that fake families would set themselves up to act as a family.

The agent stated that “Smugglers are in it for the money. It’s a business. That’s all it is for them. If they get caught and arrested, they go to prison, and that’s pretty bad for business. If they can’t make money, it’s not a good business model. So, of course, they’re going to do everything possible to not get arrested.” By observing the family, the agents can determine if they are indeed related or not.

But it is the liberals that are putting the kids in cages. Biden and Harris have tried to pin in on Donald Trump and have failed. But now that they sit in power, they are the ones being held responsible for the kids in cages. If it were such a big deal a few years back, one would think that they would have changed it by now. The truth is that Biden loves kids in cages and has no intention of changing Obama’s policy now or ever.