Biden Tells Asylum Seeking Cubans to Go Back Home

Joe Biden is the perfect example of chaos in action. The old man opens the southern border and invites prosperous people to flood the region with illegal crossings while at the same time ignoring genuine asylum seekers trying to make their way from Cuba.

The border has become a confusing mess as Biden has failed to weed out the fake asylum seeks from the real ones. At least when Donald Trump secured the border, it was easy to determine which people were genuinely seeking shelter from tyranny.

The lousy Democrats and their lovers in the media would enjoy nothing more than for people to focus on other things. They do not want a single person thinking about the border or pointing out that there is a problem.

Trump did something about the border issues. He had set up a plan that effectively stopped the flow of migrants coming to the north. He planned to finish the work even though the nasty Democrats were crowing about his proposed methods. And they thought that they could do it better.

But everything they have done has only made things worse for all Americans. He put Kamala Harris on the job, and all she did was do a high fly-over and claim she could not find the border. She failed at doing the one job that matters most to the people.

The confusion and lack of responsibility of the Biden administration have turned America into a mess. The past four years were a time of extraordinary growth and prosperity. But the moment Biden steps in; everything falls apart.

The worst thing Biden did was tear down the organized border protocols that Trump had left. It was set up to deal with genuine asylum seekers. The Cubans fleeing their homeland could have quickly been taken and processed for entry into the United States. But Biden is shortsighted and could not stand to let Trump’s work continue.

Everything that Trump did was an abomination to the lousy liberals. And now that there is a real need for structure and methods of dealing with real asylum seeks, there is nothing in place. Biden and his childish team have nothing with which to work to weed out the fakers clouding the border.

The chaos and confusion are what Biden wants people to get used to. They want people to think that the nuttiness is typical and has always been that way. But some too many people know the truth and are not about to let the beloved media get away with telling their lies.

The illusion that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden want the people to believe is that they are working on the problem. And that is a problem itself. They are going to be working on it for years with no solution in sight.

For most of Trump’s time in office, the liberals cried about how nasty it was to keep asylum seekers from entering the country. The problem was that the vast majority of people coming to America were not genuine asylum seekers.

Biden’s solution for the Cubans is for them to go back home. Biden’s Homeland Secretary is Alejandro Mayorkas, and he stated that “Allow me to be clear: if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.” He ordered them not to come and turn around if they had already set sail for America.

Simply telling people not to come to America has never worked out well in history. People are still going to come whether they are welcome or not. The risk of traversing the sea is better than the horrors of staying in Cuba.

The lousy liberals cry for those under persecution and reject them when they show up at the door. Their pharisaical lifestyle makes people want to throw up all over them. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cried at the border for the suffering, and now she is nowhere to be found. She is silent because she is a fake that does not care about people in need or that are truly suffering.