Biden Threatens to Rundown Reporter for Asking Questions

The picture of Joe Biden behind the wheel of a car is frightening to think about. But when he leans out the window and threatens to run reporters over for asking questions is next to horrifying. Biden has never liked the freedom of the press in America. It represents the right of all Americans to voice their opinions without the fear of being censored are attacked for their beliefs.

Biden publicly threatened American reporters with death for wanting to ask questions about the conflict in Israel. Censoring Biden has finally learned a thing or two from his comrades in China and how they deal with the press. They take the reporters and do things to them that are horrifying. And many of them are never seen again. All because the communist country wants to control what is being published and said about them.

The president’s attack on the press is a cowardly attempt to control them. To go after reporters and threaten to run them down is not an attack on them personally. It is an attack on the freedom of speech in America. His administration has already made it clear that they will not allow certain things to be said about Biden without censoring and editing.

And the sad part about the incident is that the media is protecting the president after making the threat. Had thins been a Republican that made the threat, every news source in America would be publishing their take on the event and demanding that the president be tried as an enemy of the state.

The issue that comes up next is the matter of Biden driving. It has already been determined that the old man has dementia. And he should not be driving a truck. Whoever was the genius that granted him the permission to drive should be thrown in the loony room.

The Ford Motor Company hurt its image when they allowed the unpopular president to drive one of their electric trucks. As soon as the president sat in the seat, the value of the truck dropped.

The way the president drove away in the truck is symbolic of how he limps away from the press when they ask questions. The reporter that he threatened to kill with the truck as a question about the issue in the Middle East. And it was revealed that Biden wanted the reporter to ask his question while standing in front of the vehicle. That way, the old man could hit the gas and give the reporter the answer of his life.

JM Rieger stated that “President Biden test drives Ford’s new electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. After Biden jokes about running over a reporter trying to ask him about Israel, many reporters start laughing; he then peels off and the press corps breaks into hysterical laughter.”

The media reporters are either scared to death of Biden, or they are just plain stupid. The president threatens one of them, and all they can do is laugh it off because they think that he likes them. Biden hates the free press because they do not fit the model he wants to see in America. He wants a press that is controlled by the liberals more than they already are. He wants to tell them what to publish and report.

Biden would eventually peal out of the parking lot in his new electric truck. And many of the drunken reporters would drool over the way he left. They would come to see it as the “best test drive ever.” When in fact, it was the worst test drive ever and probably the most dangerous.

This murderous account shows that the media is scared to death of the liberal demons. They are so scared that they are willing even to help cover up the threat of death handed to the reporter seeking answers.

The Democratic Party is a group of people that has no problem forcing people into silence. They are bold enough to threaten people with death if they voice their opinion about them. And the only way that they would not say anything is if what was said was favorable to them.