Biden Threatens Use of Military Force Against Trump and His Family

The Democrats have brought forth the best of their best candidates to tackle President Trump head-on in their dire hopes for a landslide victory in November. His name is Joe Biden and he has already proven his lack of worthwhile serving as VP under our equally as worthless former president, Barak Obama.

Of the potential presidential candidates the Democrats had to choose from, in their own abstract way of thinking, they selected the worst of the worst. And if for some rigged reason Sleepy Joe does win the election, we can only hope he stays awake long enough to run the country between naps. It’s a big job.

A recent video clip shows Bidens menacingly staring straight into a camera as with the greatest of conviction, he boldly stated, “I’m Joe Biden, and I’m going to beat Biden.” Now, to anyone with any amount of God-given sense, this will serve as a blatant in your face indicator; It isn’t Biden who will be running the show if elected. Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet on a string.

This being a cold hard fact, Biden’s puppeteers need to handle their chunk of carved wood a bit better than they’ve been doing. They need to just prop him up and let him flash his huge fake-toothed grin, but by no means, should they ever allow this man to speak.

In fact, Biden has been so far off the rails as to even admit he won’t be doing the bulk of the work if he wins the presidency. He admitted it. He plans on putting his feet up and pursuing what he has referred to as a “passive” role. The Dems will still allow him to think he’s the big kahuna with the final say in matters, but in reality, he’ll have less decision making authority than a macadamia nut.

Biden’s biggest concern at the moment is not the pandemic, nor is it civil unrest, Syria, North Korea, or Russia. No Siree-Bob. He’s more concerned with how to get Trump to voluntarily vacate the White House in the outside chance he and his buddies win this thing. Which they won’t.

In an unscripted moment, Biden told Noah Trevor of the “Daily Show” how he would have no problem with using military force to drag Trump out of the White House kicking and screaming if that’s what it took. “I promise you,” Biden hilariously, said. “I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.” Yeah. He really said that.

Here is what’s circulating through what’s left of Bidens’ fragile mind. Because Trump has received criticism from several radical left-leaning Generals for his methods of clearing out Lafeyette Square for his own safety, Biden translates this to mean the entirety of America is now rooting for his idiotic butt. To him. It all makes perfect sense.

Let’s create some additional humor. Biden was uber-quick to tear Trump a new one over his suggested use of military force to quell violent Antifa backed protestors. But Grandpa Joe must have already forgotten over the past week that he ever did this.

His faltering memory was clearly evidenced by his Alzheimer’s inspired threat to deploy America’s military fighting forces to remove one man and his family from their home. America simply cannot allow this sorry excuse for a human to become our leader.

If left to his own devices, Biden would march this nation straight into the depths of Hell, and then he won’t remember how we got there. But, if you can imagine anything more frightening than a President Biden, imagine who would be pulling his strings from behind the curtains. Obama? Schumer? God forbid, Pelosi?

Our revered President’s sense of humor is not discernable to the somber dim-witted Dems who take everything he says at face value. And Trump was most certainly having fun when at a 2019 rally in Pennsylvania when he joked, “Maybe if we really like it a lot — and if things keep going like they’re going — we’ll go and we’ll do what we have to do. We’ll do a three and a four and a five.”

Not to worry, for anyone who might be. There are these things called debates and we can hardly wait. Our sharp-as-a-tack President is going to show us just how dull of a butter knife his opponent actually is. Grab some popcorn, Kiddos. Trump 2020, and who knows? Maybe beyond…