Biden’s Botched Negotiations Leaves Iran Making Threats

Joe Biden was supposed to negotiate with Iran. He was supposed to achieve a plan so that Iran wouldn’t continue toward enriching Uranium.

He failed. Iran wouldn’t even agree to meet with him. They had no desire to hear anything that the president had to say.

Thanks to Biden’s epic failure, Israel took matters into its own hands. They attacked the Natanz nuclear facility. As a result, it has Iran making unspeakable threats.

The cyberattack has led Iran to hike its enrichment from 20% to 60%, which is dangerously close to weapons-grade enrichment.

The UN’s nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency, has been informed of this hike by Abbas Araghchi, Tehran’s nuclear negotiator.

The attack on Natanz was severe enough that Iran feels as though they are within their means to do whatever they want. The attack not only cut power to their plant but also supposedly set the nuclear program back by nine months.

What is Iran planning? At this point, it’s not clear.

What’s important to understand is that 60% enrichment leaves only a short technical step for centrifuges – and when 90% enrichment or higher is reached, it results in weapons-grade uranium.

The 2015 nuclear deal that was in place allowed for enrichment up to 3.67%. Clearly, Iran has blown past that.

A lot has been done to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program over the years. This includes not only the Natanz attack earlier this month but also the July 2020 explosion. The mastermind of the country’s nuclear weapons program was also assassinated.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister, has said that the sabotage will only serve to strengthen Tehran’s position so that they can renegotiate the nuclear deal with world powers. He has said that if Israel thought that they’d be able to stop Iran from being able to have sanctions lifted on them, “they made a very bad gamble.”

Essentially, this is only going to make it easier for Iran to have room to leverage. They had once been allowed to have enrichment at 3.67%. Now, they’re threatening to jump to 60%. They’ve got a lot of room to come down – and have virtually all of their sanctions lifted.

Zarif went on to say that “It makes it possible for Iran to legally, legitimately do what it needs in order to compensate for this terrorist stupidity, use any capacity it has at Natanz.”

Biden has yet to figure out a way to communicate with Iran. The entire Biden administration needs to work on creating a nuclear deal that is carefully crafted so that there are sanctions in place while also providing Iran with a limit to the uranium enrichment levels.

What is it that Biden can offer at this point? Zarif has said that the U.S. already knows that neither sanctions nor sabotage will help with negotiations – and he may be accurate about that.

Does that mean that Biden will give the frozen assets of Iran, worth millions, back to them? Will he simply walk away from the deal so that Iran can develop the nuclear weapons that could destroy its enemies?

There’s a time to act, and it is now.

The problem is that Biden isn’t a great negotiator. He isn’t even great with foreign relations. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he decides to put Kamala Harris in charge of this issue, too. Then, we’ll see that absolutely nothing is negotiated.

Zarif has warned that Iran will be taking revenge on Israel. He has also warned that they will be installing more sophisticated centrifuges.

It could be very easy to see that Biden’s lack of negotiations has led to the current mess.

Now, if Zarif is speaking for all that Iran has planned, they have been very blatant in their intentions. They have no desire to negotiate and they have all but declared a war on Israel…with the possibility of declaring war on other nations at a later date.