Biden’s Calling It Quits! No More In-Person Campaigning – Afraid of Hunter Biden Corruption Questions?

Biden has finally made his most inevitable announcement yet. He is all done campaigning. The early lid master has called his earliest lid yet. According to a tweet from JT Lewis of Team Trump, “Joe Biden says he won’t do any more in-person campaigning for the remaining 9 days”. The news comes on the heels of the embarrassing Hunter Biden revelations that have been plastered all over the internet.

No more public appearances are currently listed on Biden’s schedule. Although to be fair, there is always a chance that he could decide to add some drive-by appearances to the docket. Maybe he will pop up at another fast-food restaurant so that people know that he’s a relatable man of the common folk. You can’t rule anything out.

“BREAKING: Joe Biden called a lid at 11:27 am today, amid new revelations about his family’s Ukrainian energy dealings and one day after his drive-in speech in PA was filled with Trump supporters,” Jack Posobiec confirmed soon after. On the other hand, President Trump is not content to rest on his laurels. They are pounding the pavement with great vigor and will continue to do so over the course of the next week.

Breitbart News laid out the coming itinerary for the president and it is grueling. “On Sunday alone, Trump is scheduled to appear at a get out to vote rally in New Hampshire, before traveling to neighboring Maine. Following that, Trump is scheduled to return to the White House where he and the first family will host a Halloween event,” according to their report.

We were led to believe that Biden would be making an appearance in Georgia tomorrow. From the looks of it, they have quietly canceled. There is no ignoring the obvious here. Biden may be old but he’s not a complete fool. He’s probably reading the tea leaves that are being provided to him. He has seen all of the polls that are telling him that it’s a slam dunk victory.

Sleepy Joe has been given the go-ahead by his handlers. They would like for him to head to the basement, presumably to rest up until the results reveal themselves. It could be a long, long ride. Who knows when the election’s results will become evident? The same polls that favored Hillary Clinton the last time are not going to hold up.

This is sure to come down to the wire. There is a wide range of swing counties that need to be accounted for. No one seems to know for sure exactly how many people are going to come to the polls in person once the big day finally arrives. It seems risky to chance it by staying inside for over a week when the White House is on the line but it’s easy to understand Team Biden’s thought process.

If they can keep Joe away from people (and outbursts), the poll lead will hold. Trump is going to inevitably dominate the headlines with whatever he is saying on his final round of campaign rallies. Biden is being told that it’s okay to clock out for the day. On the off chance that he is able to wrestle the headlines away from Trump, it won’t be for something good.

It’s a risky ploy, for sure. Any political play is, though. Biden and company have laid down the gauntlet here. They are willing to let Trump punch himself out for the remainder of the campaign. If this backfires on them? The Democrats have already made their bed and they’ll have to lie in it.

Apparently, they do not trust their own candidate to handle some moderate campaigning. The fear of him blowing their perceived lead is so real, it has sent them into a state of paralysis. Their inaction may seem like a great idea in the moment but they are not going to be singing the same tune in a few weeks.