Biden’s Pick for Asst. Sec. of Health Has Blood on Her Hands…Lots of It

If this gives any indication of what can be expected from Joe Biden’s cabinet picks, we’re in serious trouble. Biden’s choice for assistant secretary for health, Rachel Levine, comes with a sordid past.

It was Levine who ordered nursing homes in Pennsylvania to take in COVID-positive patients, while consecutively pulling her own 95-year-old mother out of a nursing home over fears of the pandemic.

Bidens’ announcement claims Levine had displayed steady leadership to get people through the pandemic. Almost everyone in Pennsylvania disagrees, especially those who lost parents or grandparents due to her ghastly decision.

Levine ignored warnings from the American Health Care Association when they told her she was putting “frail and older adults who reside in nursing homes at risk” and that it could “result in more people going to the hospital and more deaths.”

At the time of her decision, over two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in the state had occurred in long care elderly facilities. Republican lawmakers immediately called for her resignation. She was accused of “withholding information” by not informing residents in Pennsylvania of her actions, or the reasons that prompted her foolish blunder.

But it wasn’t just Republicans in the state who were screaming their objections. Rep. Conor Lamb (D., Pa.) demanded a full investigation when one of the nursing homes experienced a deadly outbreak. Lamb accused Levine of doing “too little, too late,” and blamed her entire department for their lack of urgency.

New York was guilty of doing the same thing as Levine, but because it was Andrew Cuomo who had made the decision in NY, Levine slipped in under the radar while Cuomo basked in the spotlight.

As if hanging old folks out to die wasn’t enough to pacify Levine, she came under further scrutiny last summer when the data she presented concerning nursing home cases and deaths, was faulty. Her office was in such disarray that numbers at different facilities were either overstated or understated. None of them were on target.

After openly admitting her mistake, new data was released. The new data reflected that out of Pennsylvania’s 19,390 coronavirus deaths, 10,022 took place in nursing homes and other long-term facilities, or roughly 52% of them.

In June, Rep. Steve Scalise (R., La.,) hit the nail on the head when he said, “The decision of several governors to ignore federal protocols and instead mandate COVID positive patients be forced back to their nursing homes ended up being a death sentence for tens of thousands of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Levine claimed it was her mother’s decision to be relocated to the hotel she had checked into after multiple active cases in her facility had been reported. She simply complied with mommy dearest’s wishes.

The scrutiny of Levine has not ended by any means. Nursing homes throughout the state are complaining about the vaccine rollout to their elderly patients being far too slow. Experts agree that if things were speeded up it could conceivably slice the death rate in half as early as March, but thus far, Levine has not acted on their advice.

Ignoring the nursing home dilemma, Levine’s staff, in October, issued some guidelines they felt to be of greater importance. The guidelines were titled, “Safer Sex and COVID-19.” They stated how sex is a “normal part of life” and that “your health and the health of your sex partner(s),” need to be considered.

The guidelines further stated how people should “try to identify a consistent sex partner,” and should “avoid kissing.” They also suggested that wearing a facemask during sex is a “good way to add a layer of protection during sex with those outside your household.”

So now this fine spirited lady is moving to DC where she will help to direct the healthcare of America. It would certainly appear as though she has little remorse for the deaths of thousands of Pennsylvania’s elderly, but this must be okay with Biden. He isn’t going to hold a silly thing like that against her.

And why should he? After all, they were just old people anyway. Everyone surely knows that young people having sex is far more important than someone losing their grandma.