Biden’s Senility Rolls Away with the Easter Eggs


Democrats want to pretend as though Joe Biden is doing a great job as president. They ignore the polls that show that most Americans don’t approve of the job he’s doing. They ignore the surveys that show many Americans believe he’s losing his cognitive abilities. And they ignore the laughter from the rest of the world.

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore Biden’s obvious senility, especially when it’s on display at the White House on a regular basis.

The Easter Egg Roll is an event held at the White House every year. The Easter Bunny shows up. The President and First Lady come out to show kids a good time.

It’s not a very demanding task for the president. All he has to do is sit there and talk to the people. Yet, it’s obvious that even that is a bit too complicated for Joe Biden.

We’ve seen in the past how Dr. Jill Biden has needed to “assist” him in a variety of tasks. She tries to laugh it off, but she’s had to step in to be his handler. His confusion is obvious – and there’s no reason to be confused.

We’ve even seen the president get lost on stage before.

This is a bit different, though. It’s getting a bit frightening that this is the man who is the leader of the free world.

At the Easter event, he’s not sure if he’s supposed to speak to the crowd, get up, or just stay seated. The First Lady sees what everyone else is seeing. She puts her hand on her arm and tells him to stay put.

Rather than simply nod and go with the flow, Biden looks at the crowd and says, “She’s the teacher.”

What can Jill do but nod and agree? She can’t exactly defend her actions by apologizing for her husband’s senile ways.

This is not normal behavior. And the fact that Joe Biden has refused a mental acuity test even before Inauguration Day shows that he knows that his mental health has declined.

I mean, come on – there are even days when Biden doesn’t know that he’s the president. He’s referred to Kamala Harris as president and her husband as the “First Gentleman.”

We’ve heard the concerns from everyone – including the doctors who used to work with him during the Obama administration. What we can’t figure out is why a mental acuity test hasn’t simply been demanded. Surely, someone can make the president take a test, right?

When people thought former President Trump had lost his mind, he stepped right up to take the test – and it proved to the world that he was perfectly capable of sound reasoning and thought.

If Biden succumbs to the test, there would be no turning back when the results come out. We’d find out that his mental decline would stand in the way of him being the president. It would result in many people choosing to vote Republican for the midterms. And, it would ruin many of the plans that the Biden administration has for the rest of the term.

We keep seeing these “oops” moments happen. Shouldn’t the POTUS be able to host a simple Easter event without his wife telling him what to do? We would think so, yet the video footage doesn’t lie. If she hadn’t been seated next to him, he may have simply gotten up and wandered off.

Buckle up. We’re in for a bumpy three more years – whether Biden stays or whether he’s booted, and we’re left with Kamala Harris.