Biden’s Special Meeting Shows Dementia Worse Than Expected

America tries to watch Joe Biden as he speaks, but no one can understand what he is talking about. As his dementia progresses, his words have become more sporadic and choppier. He sounds like a computer trying to spit out pieces of information. There is no more doubt that he is reading a teleprompter. But even with that help, he cannot put a sentence together for people to understand.

The beloved candidate was cheered on by the Democrats as he was able to walk out to the microphone without falling flat on his face. The well-rehearsed teleprompter guided the forgetful man through the speech. But even then, he could not elaborate on what he was saying because he has no clue as to the agenda or thrust behind each statement.

What Biden was able to prove is that his sarcastic mouth, led by his dementia, allowed him to make up lies and even make snide remarks to one reporter. Dementia causes people to act differently than they usually would, and it makes them say things that are highly offensive to those around them. Biden indeed fell victim to both of these issues.

In an effort to hide his dementia, Biden asked the reporter how she was feeling. Of course, it was a woman that he was talking to. He would never ask a man how he was feeling. But that is all that he could handle. The reporter quickly started asking questions about how President Trump has been rolling back the regulations that Obama strangled commerce with.

Biden could be seen searching his jumbled mind for something to say. It was like he could not remember what those regulations were about just a few short years ago. The reporter pointed out that the regulations made things challenging for people to work and earn money.

Right in the middle of her statement, Biden’s dementia kicks in and makes him act like a little kid. He interrupted and said, “No, it didn’t.” He selfishly defended himself like a little kid getting caught in a lie. The kid often will say the same thing “No, I didn’t.” It was then that the reporter stated, “Excuse me.” As if she was trying to process the dementia comment was coming out of Biden’s mouth.

Biden’s dementia kicked in again as he tried to give a more polished answer to the questions. He went to talk about poop from chickens and how it makes sense to do something weird with it later. Biden is the best that the Democrats have, and he has dementia. No one knows why they are pushing him to be the next president, but one can only think that it is going to do something to him and put Harris in his place.

His dementia shows up again as he tries to get the miners from Pennsylvania to understand his thoughts on implementing a mask mandate. But then he reverts to saying the exact opposite of how he would not have the power to make such a law. He does not understand what it means to be the president.

Biden makes it very clear that he is just giving answers hoping to attract people to vote for him. But the way he handles himself and treats people ended up pushing them to want to cast their vote for a more mature and proactive President Trump.

At one point, he starts talking about eliminating mining. It is obvious that he forgot that he was in a mining state. He stated that he move them away from the process by transitioning from the profession. At no time does he ever give any hope as to what the people would be transitioning to. The reason behind him ending mining is to appease his socialist friends back in Washington.

His dementia’s effects come out when he starts talking about China and seeing them as a competitor. He stated that “I view Kina as a competitor.” He must be talking about a new country that America is doing business with. Kina is nowhere on the maps. But in Joe Biden’s crazy world, it makes complete sense.