BLM Isn’t Buying Biden’s Kum-ba-yah Approach to Racism…It Was Never About Trump

Massive celebrations of flower-haired liberals spinning and twirling broke out across the country when the media declared Joe Biden as the 46th American president. Camera crews made sure to broadcast the circus-like events straight into the living rooms of every household in the nation.

But in keeping with their habits of disseminating propaganda to the wayward masses, the media refused to show the demonstrations against the premature and perhaps fraudulent calling of the election results. And there were a great many of them.

The Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. was packed with jubilant liberals partying to a display of fireworks bursting over the Washington Monument. But nobody saw the group of black-clad protestors carrying signs that read, “FREE THE PEOPLE, FIGHT THE POWER, F*** THE POLICE – DEFUND, DISARM, DISBAND, BURN DOWN THE AMERICAN PLANTATION.”

This group of anarchists was chanting, “What do we want? Justice When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it — Burn it down! BURN. IT. DOWN!” “F*** Trump! F*** Biden! No more presidents!”

A Twitter post read, “Fuck Biden! Fuck Trump! No more presidents! No more fascists!” Tonight antifascist activists marched through Washington DC in Black-bloc to protest both candidates and the entire system, especially police. They were led by DC’s They/Them Collective, an anarchist collective.

The Collective is self-described as an “anarchist abolitionist collective house based in DC occupied Piscataway land here for queer, trans, black, brown and indigenous liberation.”

The group approached Biden supporters telling them if they did not raise their fists in solidarity with them, they were just as “ignorant,” “complacent,” and “just as racist as police officers that are killing black people.” Many of them did it.

“Just because Biden is in office, does not mean that our struggle is over,” a member of the group said. “Just because Biden is in office, does not mean that you will be walking on sunshine.”

“For all of you f***ing journalists, for all of you white liberals, who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your a**es about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of f***ing fools,” the group told the Biden supporters.

“You are using this plaza as a tourist attraction. You are all acting like this is f***ing Disney World. This is not f***ing Disney World, you have all colonized this space for your own benefit.”

The unofficial anthem used by the Biden campaign is Neil Diamonds’ smash hit “Sweet Caroline.” Hold on to your wig. The official Twitter account for BLM showed how they aren’t finding Biden’s “Kum ba yah” approach to racism so good, so good, so good…

Here’s what they had to say,  “F*** your Sweet Carolina because #BlackJoyMatter and #BlackLivesStillMatter #DefendBlackLives #DefundMPD.

In the Motor City a group similar in nature to BLM, called “Detroit Will Breathe,” was not at all pleased with the Biden announcement. The group typically protests against police brutality. They marched through Detroit chanting,  “F*** Donald Trump! F*** Biden too! Both of them don’t give a f*** about you!”

Finding out about what the media tried their best to hide should serve as a clear indication that none of BLM riots, the tearing down of statues, the burning of buildings, the attacks on police officers, and the deaths which have thus far occurred, had one single thing to do with Trump. Sure these groups don’t like him, but they don’t like Biden either. They just don’t want a president. Period.

In fact, this also goes to prove how the only people who have ridiculously blamed what America has been wrestling with for centuries on president Trump, are clueless liberal white people. They’ve been prancing in the daisies surrounding their privileged lives for so long, reality eludes them. They may not see it happening but by golly, their trusted news channel told them what was going on and who to blame for it, and if you can’t trust the news, who can you trust?