Boom! Florida’s Governor DeSantis Drops Truth Bomb on COVID-19, Liberals Heads Explode

There is no doubt that the power-hungry Democrats are pushing the coronavirus as their platform for reelection in November. At all levels of government, there is a fight taking place between what is fact and what is fiction regarding the pandemic that seems to be making an amazing comeback now that the country is closer to the presidential election.
The media makes the coronavirus seem like an apocalyptic plague that is decimating the world. But that is exactly what Pelosi and the rest of the fearful band of liberal politicians want people to believe.

The Republicans around the country are waving the red flag and pointing to the facts about COVID-19 and why it is not as bad as the corrupt politicians want everyone to believe. The center of the fight is found in Florida. The Nazi-infested liberals are reporting that the healthcare system of Florida is severely overwhelmed and cannot seem to keep up with the number of outbreaks that are happening. They make it seem like every case is headed for the hospital. In actuality, very few have gone to the hospital because the virus is nothing more than a cold them.

The doomsday liberals argue that the worst is yet to come. But they have been saying that for months and still nothing has happened. The fake news professionals have invaded the Florida healthcare system and found a few unnamed people to say things like “The past two weeks [have] been crazier than at the beginning of the pandemic.”

And, “Everybody is exhausted. I have never seen it like that before.” These are coming from a source that is not wanting to be named. A Democratic invented person pushing fear and fake news on an exhausted public.

The Democrats push for mandatory testing sites. They have in some places blocked off the interstates and tested every single person that drives by. All for the sake of getting their numbers up. Not one report has shown the recovery rate since March. There may be over 282,000 cases in Florida, but the vast majority of them have all recovered.

The morbidly delighted left loves to see people sick because it gives them a political platform with which to beat President Trump over the head with.

Governor DeSantis has taken the right approach to the vastly sour reports coming from the hijacked media. The media reports that the healthcare system in Florida is full, but when the situation is looked at over the history of the state the hospitals are always that full. DeSantis rebuffed the lies by stating that “We’ve got the census today. I think between 10 and 12 or 13,000—somewhere like that—beds are available. There’ll be articles saying, ‘Oh, my gosh. They’re at 90 percent.’ Well, that’s how hospitals normally run.”

Florida will have a month a few hospitalizations and the next month they all will be full. DeSantis calls the virus a “blip.” This is nothing new for the state. The fearful and cowardly unnamed source that the media coerced into saying bad things about the cases in Florida is simply being paid off for drumming up news for the oppressive media.

Critics are quick to pollute the airways with their opinions of the way that Republicans are handling their states. They make statements that point out that the states were opened too early or people are not obeying the guidelines. The truth is that people are obeying, and things would have been far worse had not the states reopened.

Democrats are finding out how right the Republicans are as they resist the push to reopen. Some critics point out that nurses and doctors have the hardest job right now. But that is their job. It is no different if COVID-19 was around or not. They still have to deal with sickness and death.

The constant push by the left to test more and more people does not help at all anymore. All it does is give them ammunition to fire at their opponents. DeSantis calms the fear by rightly saying about the testing “That’s just generating cases that are not clinically consequential but important to know.” The case count just adds to a “backlog” of facts. DeSantis and President Trump are right and it is time for people to listen up.