Boom: Supreme Court Sides with Republicans in First Virus Court Case

The Democrats are like little rats scurrying around looking for any scape of hope that they can still win the upcoming election. They have tried on various levels to mimic the stimulus package aimed at helping United States citizens get back on their feet.

They have tried to include the socialist policy in bills being passed. They are feeling the rope around their sorry necks tighten as President Trump gains more support each day.

One way the Democrats are fighting to stay alive is pushing for mail-in ballots. They would love to see a voting system where people are forced to send in their ballots. There hope is that there would be an unspecified time limit for people to vote. But that is just not going to happen.

The Supreme Court is starting to see that they must step in and define what can be done during these times by way of voting. The loony left wanted ballots in Wisconsin to be counted after being mailed in past the deadline.

But the Republicans are not in agreement with this decision. So, the Democrats got a lower court to side with them. But Republicans got the Supreme Court to state what could and could not be done.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 vote that would limit any extension for mail-in ballots. What that means is that people that sent their ballots in by the end of the day could have them counted with the rest.

After that, they are not to be counted. This is a major victory for the Republicans against the liberals because the Democrats want to extend voting so they can get their fake voters to the polls. They are looking to open up a slew of ways for them to get votes.

The coronavirus has messed up the world. People are not allowed to mix closer than six feet or they could either get sick or arrested. This means that many states have postponed elections until a later time. Which will mess things up even more because many local and county positions have terms that start on April 20.

Those living in Wisconsin will have to act fast now to get their ballots mailed in by the deadline. Those that waited too long to get a ballot are hoping that it will arrive for them to send it in by the deadline.

That is not anyone else’s fault but their own. The Democrats once again are showing their devious spirit by trying to manipulate the elections to their favor.

The Republicans in Wisconsin had to turn to the Supreme Court for help. Residents will have to mail their ballots by April 7 to see that they count. But now that day has come and gone the Democrats that procrastinated are crying that they did not get to vote. That may be true with regards to mail-in ballots, but they still can vote at the polling booth.

Democrats hate the ruling. They keep right on crying that their voters did not get to vote. What they are saying is that they did not get their way. The Supreme Court ordered a compromise to appease both sides.

The fact is that the Democrats did not want people going to the polls so they could hide their fake ballots in the mail. They needed time to prepare fake names on ballots to pad their voting count. They know they no longer have the support of many within their circle because they have failed at politics once again.

The mess at the polls in Wisconsin is going to be felt around the nation in the coming weeks. The Democrats will try to cheat at every turn and the Republicans will have to be there to stop them. The Supreme Court is not about to take sides. Their job is to interpret what the constitution says about the rights of people.

President Trump had a big job ahead of him to rebalance the courts. They had become lopsided towards the liberal camp. The president has done his job to represent the people and protect them from tyranny in every form.

The Democrats are tyrants that seek to strip people of their freedoms. But they are kept in check by the Republican Party. A party that loves the people and the United States of America.