Boys Can Do Anything Girls Can Do, Including Give Birth?

Why is it that society is hell-bent on testing and breaking free of gender norms? It’s one thing to change gender – that’s a belief more than it is based on science.

Sex, however, is scientific. It’s distributed at birth: male or female. There are certain things that men can do that women cannot do– and vice versa.

It seems that there’s the need to prove that men can do absolutely anything. Transgender women are those who were men at birth. They have the desire to break through all of the obstacles that they face because of their gender, regardless of what their sex is.

We’re seeing it everywhere. Transgender women want to play sports with women. However, their sex makes them stronger and faster. It puts them on a different playing field than women who are biologically female.

It’s not fair, yet transgender women continue to push the boundaries to see what they can have. Boys can do anything, right?

It seems that scientists in China are ready to make it happen. Two Shanghai-based scientists have published a research paper where they have allegedly been able to impregnate a male rate.

The male rat was even induced to be able to give birth to 10 healthy cubs.

Now, there are some important organs missing out of biological males that would prevent childbirth from happening – including a uterus and a birth canal.

No matter.

We’ll tear down the science that allows biological women to have the only one-up that they have on biological men. Just because science can make it happen doesn’t mean that we should make it happen.

Global Times, the state-run paper in China, discussed the unique phenomenon where the male mammal was able to incubate a fetus. There was a uterus transplantation surgery performed. Then, instead of the rat going through natural birth, a Caesarean section was performed.

So, it’s possible that the same scientific logic could be performed on other male mammals.

It’s unlikely to get to that point, however. The way in which the Chinese scientists prepped the male rat was by producing a heterosexual parabiotic pair. The male parabiont was created because the male and the female rats were stitched together. It allowed them to share a common bloodstream.

Imagine doing such things to human beings. No matter how desperately a transgender woman wanted to give birth, they’re not going to agree to be fused to another person.

With rats, the fusion was only for eight weeks – and that had gestation periods factored in. The gestation of humans is nine months – and being fused for such a period of time is an unacceptable option.

Still, science is being forced to make such things happen. And for what?

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of this story is the comment made by the authors of the paper – both Liu Yuhan of Changhai Hospital and Zhang Rongia of Second Military Medical University hope that their research has “a profound impact on reproductive biology.”

Reproductive biology is based on sex at birth. Either you have specific reproductive organs or you don’t. Simply changing your gender shouldn’t allow you to change your reproductive biology.

A heated debate has erupted online about whether this is acceptable. One person called the process “cruel” considering that both the male and female rats had to be fused together in order to become an incubator for the fetus. Another said that it goes “against the laws of nature.”

It begs the question of why this kind of research was done – and who funded it.

It seems as though it was done just to say that it could. Now, it opens the doors for more transgender women to step into the role of a woman in all regards. If they don’t have the biological reproductive equipment, they can simply mess with science to get what they need.

It’s unnatural, it goes against nature, and it should never show up in the U.S.

Let’s face it. Sometimes men can do things that women can’t do. And, sometimes it’s the other way around. Why can’t we accept that instead of defying science?